Udaipur becomes the second most favourite travel destination across the country!

Too much crowd on the city streets and congestion on the road? Well, we bet that would increase every year. Udaipur is indeed a sought after destination for people across the country as well as in the whole world. Diwali vacations have just ended and we can still spot many tourists on the streets.

Source: UdaipurTimes

A recent report from the famous travel website cites that with Goa topping the charts, Udaipur had the second highest domestic travel bookings in the country at the time of the festive Diwali season. And not only this, stats show that the city of lakes has witnessed an upsurge of 56 percent in travel bookings across the nation.

The same number or more would be repeated at the time of Christmas and New Year, hopefully. Undoubtedly, day by day Udaipur is becoming the ‘hot spot’ for holiday getaways or one of the most favourite travel destination across the country.

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