Love the Dug-Dug sound of Your Bullet? It’s Bad News for You!

One thing those bullet lovers are absolutely fascinated by their bullet is the thunderous dug-dug sound of their bullets. And why wouldn’t they? It makes the heads turn of every bystander on the road. Now whether these heads turn in awe or agony that still remains a question.

Nonetheless, if you are one of those who gets irritated by this blasting sound of a bullet then Congratulations! Your ‘acche din’ has arrived.

Police in Udaipur is taking a campaign level action against those bikers whose bullet bikes makes deafening cracker like noises on the streets of the city. 25 such bullets were caught yesterday by the traffic police. Traffic inspector, Netrapal Singh said “The natural sound of a bullet bike is normal. But the owners of these bikes later modify the silencer of these bikes into the one that makes the cracker like noise from the bike. This kind of bike riding is put under the category of dangerous bike riding and due to the same, police is taking required measures”.

Source: Udaipur Times

In case you are wondering what happens once they are caught, these bikes are confiscated by the police and just filling the challan won’t help you to release your bikes. While your beloved bullet is at the station, you have to get the modified silencer replaced by the original one after which you have to fill the challan of one thousand rupees. Only once you are through with the entire process are you allowed to take your bullet back.

This might be too disheartening for some bullet riders in the city but safety is more important than fancy.

News Source: Dainik Bhaskar 

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