Top 5 Travel Apps For Exploring Udaipur

Top 5 Travel Apps For Exploring Udaipur

India, a world within itself, is full of adventure, charm and beauty. One such destination that adds mysticism into any traveler’s diary for India is Udaipur. Udaipur is considered to be one of the most romantic places in India. Surrounded by three lakes, the city converges beauty with royalty in more ways than one. If Udaipur has been lingering in your travel bucket list for a while, this year you must make it a point to visit it. Along with your backpack, don’t forget to carry your internet travel bag, which can easily fit into your pocket. A smartphone with the right apps will help you enjoy your Udaipur trip to the hilt. Here are few apps— all free —that you must install on your smartphone, even before you book your flight.



Google Maps:

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Ditch your car when you are exploring Udaipur. The best way to enjoy the mesmerizing city, after camels, is by auto-rickshaws. Autos-rickshaws are one of the most affordable and convenient modes of public transport available in the city. But the last thing you want is to be disoriented as far as the routes and directions are concerned. An app that has your back for navigating through the beautiful streets of Udaipur is Google Maps. This app provides comprehensive, accurate and easy-to-use maps, with built-in Google local search, voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation, and public transport directions. It will also come handy if you are planning a road trip to the city. There are no meters for auto-rikshaws in Udaipur, so be sure to bargain & keep Google Maps handy before you actually get on board. (Available across all platforms)




Accommodation options in Udaipur are quite varied. You can choose to stay in anything from royal havelis to modern 5-star hotels. TripAdvisor is a great way to check out new hotels, B&B, inns and hostels in Udaipur. With this app, you can compare prices offered by various travel portals such as or, check availability and book your room in Udaipur. This app can also help you plan your day with suggestions about places to visit, activities, shopping, etc. It has millions of traveler reviews and opinions to help you plan that perfect holiday. (Available on iOS, Android, Windows and Symbian)


Opera Mini:

The ingredients of a successful trip include saving money while enjoying whatever the place has to offer. Traveling can cause your mobile bill to soar, since accessing mobile internet while roaming can prove to be quite expensive. Yet, browsing the web with your mobile phone can be useful when you want to learn more about Udaipur’s City Palace on Wikipedia or to share your updates with friends on Facebook and Twitter. With the Opera Mini browser, you can make your web browsing experience faster and cheaper. Opera Mini shrinks webpages by up to 90%, so your phone processes little of what you see on your screen. This translates into cost savings, especially while roaming, and less processing also brings along battery savings. (Available across all platforms)


Evernote Food

Evernote Food:

Experiencing food in Udaipur is like basking in the Rajasthani culture. From street food to the delectable shahikhana, you can have quite a gastronomical journey here. But how many of us actually remember the names of the traditional dishes that we relish on our trips. With Evernote Food, you will be able to discover, collect and share your favorite dishes. You can also use the app to take down the famous Rajasthani recipes and try them when you go back home. So, from finding great new restaurants to documenting how to make authentic recipes, Evernote Food gives you one place to discover, collect and remember your life’s memorable moments in food. (Available on iOS and Android)




The beauty of Udaipur lies in its picturesque landscapes, beautiful forts and the gorgeous lakes. This destination is a photographer’s delight. Even though you might carry a separate camera for photography, there will be some breathtaking sites you might like to share with friends and family in realtime. With Instagram, you can pick from one of its several gorgeous filtered effects or use tilt-shift blur to breathe new life into your mobile photos. Transform your travel moments into works of art before sharing with friends and family on social networks. (Available on iOS and Android)