Yes, it is happening! WWE in Udaipur

We have been watching wrestling since childhood. Well, it’s time to see it LIVE! It is happening in Udaipur and Indian Wrestling Entertainment (IWE) is bringing the dreamy world of wrestling and fighting in our city of lakes. There are going to be international wrestling stars and Indian wrestling stars in the arena.

For Arjun Paliwal (Indian Wrestling Entertainment) the main objective is to relive a dream – a dream of watching these wrestling stars live. He belongs to the city of lakes and is proud of the city; hence he has chosen Udaipur to be the hosting venue.

Yes, it is happening! WWE in Udaipur
Arjun Paliwali with the great Khali

Thinking who are artists making it big at Udaipur? Well, the event has some of the huge names as their physique! There are going to be female and male wrestlers who will fight at the arena in front of Udaipur’s crowd. Excited aren’t you?

Let us reveal the big names that are going to be at Udaipur for this event- The Great Khali, Rey Mysterio, Brody Steele, Ryback, Katy Forbes, Bobby Leshlye and many more.

Wrestling championships have been like a dream and many of us are big fans of these stars. With Indian wrestler Khali in the league, wrestling competitions have taken a new path of excitement and amazement in India.Yes, it is happening! WWE in Udaipur

We are quite excited ourselves to witness such a huge event in the city. We hope that such humongous events will bring a lot of people especially tourists from across the globe to the City of Lakes. It is a great honor for the people of the city that such events are being held in Udaipur. We wish all the very best to Arjun Paliwal and his team for organizing an event like this and making it happen in lakecity.

For other announcements on the event, stay tuned and find out the rest of the story with us!