Get Ready to Shop, Celebrate and Win Prizes – Lakecity Summer Shopping Carnival is here!

If you love shopping, celebrating and winning loads of prizes then Lakecity Summer Shopping Carnival is made for you. Whether it’s about having fun with your family and friends or getting your hands on the newest trends, Summer Shopping Carnival is where you would want to be. Starting from 12th May, the festival will conclude on the 27th of this month. The Summer festival is in accord with big in-house Brands like Pantaloon, Reliance Smart, Levis, UCB, Wrangler, Woodland and so many more. It is time to change your wardrobes I guess because Summer Shopping Carnival at the Lakecity Mall is all set to entice you!

Shopping at the Carnival

Shopping will take on a whole new meaning during the Lakecity Summer Shopping Carnival.  You will have an encounter with the latest styles and fashion trends and you can buy eye-catching items right on the spot at the Summer Shopping Carnival!

And not just shopping, celebrating and winning; the Mall has arranged for you the best of the entertainment that is sure to leave you spellbound.

Win, Celebrate and get Entertainment by the best at The Carnival

Win: A lucky draw for you for winning big prizes

Entertainment: Get entertained by Daily events like Music, Games, Quiz, Contests etc. at the mall

Celebrate: Mother’s Day Celebration, Fashion Show, Live Music Concert with the Closing Ceremony

Feel the entire mall buzzing with excitement upon the lucky draw and yes, you can be a part of this excitement too. Thinking how to? The answer to all your questions is right below:

At the Lakecity Summer Shopping Carnival, if you make a purchase of worth Rs 1999 from any store of the Mall, you will be eligible to fill/drop a coupon for the lucky draw!

Who is going to be the winner?

At the end of the Summer Shopping Carnival on 27th May mall management will Conduct a lucky draw and the winning buyers would be called to collect the prize at the closing ceremony of the event. 3 lucky shoppers will be the winners that shall get outstanding prizes like LED, microwave, washing machines and so much more. will be announced for them.

Take home luxury with you!!!

The Summer Shopping Carnival is managed by Bandhan Events and Supporting Partners are TVS, Club Mahindra, and Udaipurblog

Isn’t it amazing! Tell us in the comments below how many of you will be going to the Lakecity Summer Shopping Festival!!!