Your Summer Guide to Beat the Heat! | Travelling to Udaipur in Summers Made Easy

It is mid-June but the sun is still blazing! How can we combat such heat without getting tossed in the sun? Here is a brief guide for you if you are traveling to Udaipur in the summer months! We haven’t made it the obvious summer guide you would have read everywhere on the internet, rather it is custom made for Udaipur!

Although Udaipur doesn’t experience soaring temperatures throughout the summer months, but from mid-May to end June the temperatures are quite harsh and it is not recommended to leave your home/hotel without proper ‘beat-the-heat’ tools.

Here are some tips or you can call a guide for traveling in Udaipur in summers.

#5 Drink More

By drinking, I mean hydrating juices and Jal Jeera 😉Beat the heat - The best fruit juice shops in Udaipur

There are a lot of places in Udaipur where you can get freshly prepared juices and Jal Jeera which are really helpful in retaining the amount of water lost during your outdoor visit in the sun.

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#4 Eat less and more often, Cafes can be your pick!

5 Best coffee places in Udaipur
Source: Justdial

Eating a lot doesn’t help in summers. I know you would be enticed by the luscious delicacies in the city but you need to take them in small quantities. This helps your body to maintain its metabolic activity at the same time won’t let you bloat.

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#3 Dive in the pools

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Take a bath or shower especially before bedtime. You can also indulge yourself in a brief dive in the pool which shall compensate your day’s heat. There are various pools in and around the city where you can enjoy your summer trip.

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#2 Be chic in summer clothes from Hathipol

Famous Shopping Markets of Udaipur
Source – My Udaipur City

Wear lightweight, light-colored cotton clothes in the summers. And where can you find these other than the market of Hathipol? The whole market shall receive you well when it comes to shopping. There are other markets as well and if you are new to the city you can go to these markets in Udaipur to have a good shopping experience.

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#1 Get yourself Tan Proof! 

Men and women traveling to Rajasthan often get a bad tan due to the excessive heat they are subjected to. And not just them even the locals get tanned and trust me it’s not a nice feeling ☹ One must swap their usual body moisturizer with a cooling Aloe-Vera Gel which will help lower the temperature of the skin.


So, these were the tips that you can keep in mind when traveling to Udaipur in summers. Also, you can always read about the best time to visit Udaipur so you never have to compromise with the weather. Monsoons in Udaipur are great for people who love rains, the city is covered with great greenery and the weather is also beauteous. For people who are comfy in winters, the best time to visit Udaipur is winters according to me. The weather is great, the sun is not harsh at all and you can enjoy every bit of the city.

Tell me in the comment section below, when are you coming to Udaipur?