Souvenir Of Love and Bliss : Udaipur

The perfect paradigm is Udaipur (City of Beauty). I wonder if it was the very place from where Puck got the Love Juice as guided by Oberon putting the same on the eyelids of the person making them tall in abysmal Love with the person they see first (Opening their eyes), and so is Udaipur, the Love, from aeon, of one and all.

The ambiance is the panacea, it mollifies insurmountable pangs and takes us to the zenith of Love and Peace. The real beauty that ensnares your heart and soul.

The chaos of this city is bounded by the strings of peace. Every heart has got its blood mixed with Love, Care and Emotion. It’s the path that leads you to the ever ending space of beauty; the place on earth where you need no reason for feeling Euphoria; where the smile on every face counts no reason for its resistance.

The youth so full of recent fashion silhouette and young hearts throbbing for each other and many alike. A place where Love resides in the hearts and respect in the eyes for our elders.

Being here for last 6 years has actually made me to count those days, moments to remember and ever lasting beauty that will never sweep away from my heart.This is the best gift that I have ever been blessed with.