Nature Befriended in ‘Karo Dosti Nature ke Sath’

On Friendship Day evening – the crowd convened on fatehsagar to enjoy the Rocking Performance of the ‘Octive Band’ who represented the theme of Friendship with the Nature in the event ‘Karo Dosti Nature ke Sath’. 🙂

The motive of the event was to make people befriend the Nature and persuade them to grow green and plant trees this Monsoon. 1000 plants were distributed during the event to support this motive. The concept of the Event was by the young Chaps of Udaipur – Sahil Thakur and Piyush. The event commenced at 6p.m. which was hosted by Anchor Piyush and Managed by Frozen Apple Events and Entertainment. The event was presented by Our Real Estate Pvt. Ltd. and ‘The Safal Society of Education & Social Welfare’ and Supported by – 94.3 My Fm, Swastik Digital Studio, Amul Namkeen, Rajkamal Tent House, Ashoka Bakery, JMB and your very own 🙂

We would love to see more of such events happening to make people aware of social issues and taking to Social Activities

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