Ban on single-use plastic

The government recently announced a blanket ban on single-use plastics. The Hon’ble Prime Minister, in his speech on the 72nd Independence Day, urged all the citizens and government agencies to take necessary steps towards scrapping single-use plastic items that end-up harming the environment and health on a whole.

To save our beautiful city from this harm, the administration had imposed a complete ban on disposable plastic cups, plates, and glasses long back.

We, as democratic citizens, have the right to question the government on what has been done about it. Why we still see single-use plastic in the market, in households, and other places?

But, is only the government imposing the ban enough? What role and responsibility do citizens play in making our city plastic-free?

Shopkeepers, vegetable vendors, food-stalls, all are using plastic bags to deliver the products.

Can the citizensĀ help the government and ultimately the environment by being alert and active on reducing the use of plastic?

UdaipurBlog calls for your opinion on how we can completely remove the single-use plastic from our city.

Post your opinion in the comments below!