Shimla and Manali – Road Trips from Delhi

A Shimla Experience

The frigid air of Shimla provides the backdrop to some of the coziest mountain experiences. The warm wooden architecture, the whistling pines and the sheer charm of its old world setting are enough to make visitors fall in love with India’s erstwhile summer capital. The people of Delhi are fortunate to be so close to some of the most striking Himalayan locations and to escape the buzz and the rising mercury, many embark on scenic road trips into the hills. Delhi to Shimla by car is a journey that would include traveling through cities like Panipat, Ambala and Chandigarh – interesting stops if time permits.

Shimla offers a blend of modernity and rugged natural beauty. Travellers can immerse themselves in the small town bustle of Lakkar Bazaar, a place where amazing bargains can be made. Other town landmarks include the many colonial buildings on the Ridge Road and the Christ Church. The cascades of the Chadwick waterfalls are a sight to behold. Adventurers can enjoy a trek to the famous Jakhu Temple. There are many other nature trails around the town. Some like the Glen and the Summer Hill trails are great for a romantic stroll through verdant alpine forests.

Trip to Manali

Manali is another top destination in Himachal Pradesh. The town’s heritage goes back hundreds of years when it was part of old trade routes into the Tibetan highlands and Central Asia. Today it has many identities, that of a Bohemian hill town that attracts backpackers from across the world, and that of a spiritual center important to Hindus and Buddhists. Delhi to Manali by car is often considered a stirring journey, as one leaves the flats of North India and climbs up massive sub-Himalayan hill ranges.

A trip to nearby Rohtang Pass is always recommended, a place of great views and desolate landscapes. Manali Sanctuary is home to many endangered species like the leopard, the musk deer and ibex. The Beas River is a hub of many adventure activities. One can indulge in some thrilling rafting rides and zip-lining in the river valley. There are also many fruit orchards around Manali, beautiful hillside plantations with mountains in the backdrop. Brighu Lake is another scenic landmark here. The Hadimba Temple is one of the most important spiritual centers here, an imposing wooden building surrounded by thick woods. Manali town has a vibrant social scene, there are many cafes and bars where one can unwind after a day of exploration.

Many choose the convenience of self drive rentals to fully enjoy these Himalayan escapades. Companies like Zoomcar offer assurances like 24/7 on-road support and all-India permits which is ideal for such long trips. Travellers also get to explore in total freedom and they enjoy complete privacy in a rental car. What better way to soak in the splendor of India’s iconic hill stations?