Arvana – Astonishing making behind the Structure

An Intact Destination for All

arvana udaipur

ARVANA” the name itself is ringing in the mind of the Udaipurites since so long. The journey of Arvana cannot be described in brief. It is the uncut saga that initiated in March 2013 and finally is up to finish in August 2016. A concept which is the fusion of business, shopping, and residential destinations is a lot more than a traditional mall. But, apart from this, what’s more, special about Arvana? Well, from the viewpoint of location, architecture, and entire land area, Arvana is something that is going to be a thrilling experience for all the people of in and around Udaipur at every visit. According to the brilliant minds behind making this concept, Mr. Hasan Paliwala, Shabbir Paliwala, and Deepak Parihar, stated that it is going to fulfill every requirement whether large or small. That’s why they have summed up the idea in a Tagline of “Milega Everything at ARVANA”.

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Floor to Floor Tour

The central part that is associated with the Arvana is the location. Encore within the heart of the city it is located in the densely populated area which is the primary shopping zone for local as well foreign tourists. If you take a focused look, the structure is in L-shape in the corner region, completely Vaastu compliant and earthquake resistance. It has 6+ tiers that are dedicated to the particular sections by keeping in mind the daily needs of people.


We are starting from the bottom for you all. The lower ground floor is entirely dedicated to the double basement parking which is pretty spacious for all kind of vehicles. Next, we move on to, the ground floor where it has the biggest grocery store and supermarket area for facilitating daily use articles at one stop. Then, at the next level of Arvana, there is a unique exhibition session which is mainly meant for the purpose of artists and many other people to present their artistic work under the roof in a lavish interior. And, this is something that everybody can guess won’t be available in any of the malls in Udaipur.


Reaching to the 2nd and 3rd floor, the sessions are dedicated towards all the necessities of men and women whether it’s clothing, accessories, self-grooming, etc. That’s why both the floors with 171 shops are named accordingly as Kings’ and Queen’s Street respectively. Apart from this, a particular area is dedicated for the unique yet another USP on 2nd floor i.e. Sheroes (Unit by Acid Attack Survivors). This is the biggest hangout place as well rehabilitation centre for the Acid Attack Victims regarding every help that they require.  Not only this, you can connect with them and share your experience with the music, coffee, and shows by the theater groups in the ironically designed place.

As we moved on to the 4th floor, it is the session of our most favorite zone i.e. Entertainment. The area is entirely meant for enjoyment, Food Court and Kid’s Zone within it.  For getting back to the relax mode, after a long walk throughout the floors, one can chill out here with family or friends.

And, by looking forward to the commercial and defining it as a business centre. The corporate section is provided on the 5th floor which has around 28 offices all with the panoramic view and ample space. We can call it as an ideal business location for those who are looking forward to packing their operational headquarters in the central zone that too with all the equipped facilities.

Probably, who can imagine a residential area in the shopping and business hub? But, At Arvana this is something that we can say is going to create a buzz. Residential area with 24-hours CCTV camera security, DTHM broadband service, and all the desirable modern amenities. Around 15 well-furnished apartments are built on 6th and 7th floor to maintain the limited and premier viewpoint for the ones who want to settle down in the all-rounder hub that too with luxurious touch. With the separate entrance and exit, this can be considered as the finest place to reside as well.

Lastly, a roof-top restaurant with the beautiful view that is made in such a way that it provides the sight of the both old and new city. This is kept as a surprise that which new chain of restaurant is going to arrive for the people of Udaipur but, definitely concerning location it’s going to be terrific.


And, very soon this familiar concept of Gulf division and abroad is going to take the higher way for the city as well people who want to experience something that is constructed to satisfy its tagline amongst everyone.


Well! We guess everybody is really excited to visit Arvana. So, hold on Udaipurites as on 26th Aug 2016, we all are going to have the edifice in front of us.