Personality Workshop for Parents at CPS

On 31st january , Rotary Club Meera organized a special event for CPS school parents under its project “Personality Wave: enhance your inner and Outer self”. An interactive workshop was arranged for the parents at CPS school to prepare them for the day ahead. The theme of the event was “keep yourself healthy and energetic throughout the day“.

Health and nutrition was addressed by Dr. Garima Chaturvedi. Yoga instructor Meera Upadhayay taught the audience some easy to do yogasans at home and at office. Dr. AshutoshPandya informed the audience about common skin problems and also advised them how to keep skin healthy throughout the day.
At the start of the program ,welcome speech was delivered by President Dr. Veena Sandhya. Compeering was done by CPS associate Mrs. Ruchi. There was an interactive session held after the end, and Dr. Veena Sandhya suggested for opening of a health club which jumpstarted with immediate registration of 40 members. Vote of thanks was given by Secretary Mrs Devika Singhvi. CPS school Principal also addressed the audience. The whole event was planned by Joint Secretary Dr. Garima Chaturvedi.


Pictures and Press Release: Dr. Veena Sandhya

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Blood Group Cards: Initiative by Rotary Club Meera

Rotary Club Udaipur Meera is significantly making a difference in the society by its works for women. The Sangini initiative is a very remarkable step in this cause. In the chain of its social works, the Rotary Club Meera has started its project of preparing blood group cards for school girls. In the series, there was a camp organised at Mahila Mandal School, with the help of Anil clinic on 17th January 2011.

Rotary Club campRotary Club camp

The project was inaugurated by the school principal Mrs Madhu Sareen. President Dr. Veena Sanadhya welcomed every one present at the event, and distributed 250 blood group cards to the students.

“This project is organized & sponsored by project officer Poonam Ladia. There was a significant contribution by the Rotary Meera members who volunteered this project, namely Pushpa Kothari, Kalpna Nalvaya and Shakuntla Porwal. The next camp shall be organised very soon, at R.M.V.School.”

-Dr. Veena Sanadhya

We wish all the very best to the noble efforts by the Rotary Club. 🙂


Sangini: A Companion for the Senior Citizens of Udaipur

Sangini (2)Rotary Club of Udaipur ‘Meera’ started a unique new initiative “SANGINI” to avail the honorary services to the senior citizen of the city so as to provide them special attention and extra care. The name itself states the whole process of the initiative. The main ideas in the initiative are:

1. Computer Skills for Senior Citizens:

A special class to edify computer skill and mobile operation to the senior citizen of the city as to make them walk with the technological generation. A one month course will be conducted in Aishwarya College by Ms Seema Singh and will be coordinated by Ms. Sanjh Narula.

2. Monthly Lecture Series:

The lecture series cum consultation started with the idea to bring the health awareness to the senior citizen. Twelve lectures cum consultation will be held on health issues with different doctors willing to serve voluntarily and also offering the consultation on the spot. Dr. Kusum Mathur is the idea leader for this effort.

3. Dedicated senior citizen hour at the selected clinics:

The private clinics and doctors will give priority time the  senior citizen in order to reduce their waiting time and give them priority treatment.  Dr. Sudha Kothari is the main person to make this idea float.

4. Phone-a-friend :

The greatest thing one can give is time. Keeping this idea in mind the Initiative started a service called ‘Phone-a-friend. There is a list of volunteers who will always be ready to support the senior citizen in any way. Mrs. Shashi Hingad holds the responsibility for this initiative.


sangini logoRotary Club Udaipur Meera SANGINI service project (Senior citizen) was inaugurated by Mr. Mathew Cherian, chief executive of HelpAge India Guest of honour Mr V.K.Ladia and special guest was Assistant Governor Mr U.S. Chouhan on 8th july 2011 at Mohan Singh Mehta auditorium. Meeting started with invocation from PHF, PP, Rtn Rajkumari Gandhi, Fourway test by Rtn Aroona Doshi, floral welcome by Rtn Neelu Javeria, Co-chair, Sangini Intiative,  PP, Rtn Ratan Pamecha, Rtn Sudha Bhandari. President Rtn Veena Sanadhya verbal welcome then Brief on project by Chair Rtn Neelima Khetan, medical team leader Dr Kusum Mathur, Phone a friend team leader Rtn Shashi Hingad, Computer literacy Rtn Sanjh Narula and medical clinic support from Dr Sudha Kothari and many members of various committees were present. SANGINI brochure was released & distributed. Blessings received from all present, honored best learner Mr. B.L. Verma (computer education), instructors of Aishwarya College and welcomed the volunteer International Player Mr. Mahesh Nehra who offered his services to this project after reading about it, and also Mr. Piyush Javeria whose efforts were appreciated by all. Inaugural Function ended with Rotary protocol.

Here are a few glimpses for the event that took place on 8th July 2011

Sangini (3)

Sangini (5)Sangini (4)Sangini (1)