Sri Sadiq Ali | People from Udaipur You Should Know About

Our city – Udaipur is completely filled with beauty in and out. And this beauty is not reflected in just its history, culture and its places, but also in its people. There are some gem of the people belonging from Udaipur who, with their hard work and success, have not just made the city but the entire nation proud.

But sadly, with time we tend to forget the accomplishment of such people of the city. The series ‘People from Udaipur you should know about’ tends to glorify the journey of these famous and triumphant people from Udaipur who have become an epitome of success in their lives.


 Sri Sadiq Ali

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Sri Sadiq Ali was born in the year 1910 in Udaipur and was a freedom fighter. Sadiq left his home at a very young age to pursue his studies at Allahabad University. During this freedom struggle of his, he was jailed several times.

Sadiq Ali became the office secretary and then Permanent Secretary of All India Congress Committee during 1936-1948 after which he became the general secretary for a period of 4 years and returned to the same position for 1964-1969.


Notable work

  • Sri Sadiq Ali was a member of Provisional parliament from 1950-52.
  • He also became a member of Rajya Sabha from 1957-1970.
  • Sadiq became the chief editor of the AICC EconomicReview from 1958–62 and 1964-1969.
  • In the year 1971, Sadiq served as President of Indian National Congress for 3 years.
  • He became the governor of Tamil Nadu in the year 1980 and served there for a period of two years.
  • He was the Chairman of the Rajghat Samadhi Committee in New Delhi during 1992-96.
  • He was the governor of Maharashtra from 1977-80.
  • He was the Chairman of:
    • GandhiSmarak Sangrahalaya Samiti (1985)
    • GandhiNational Memorial Fund (1990)
    • Sardar Patel Memorial Trust and Council for Communal Harmony.
Source: Timescontent

Sri Sadiq Ali has left a mark on the literary world as well. His well-received publications include A Survey towards Socialist thinking in the Congress, Democracy and National Integration. The Vision of Swaraj, etc. On April 17, 2001, Sri Sadiq Ali left this world.

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