Sangini Initiatives Workshop on Back Pain for Senior Citizens

Sangini Udaipur

Under the Sangini  Initiatives of the Rotary Club of Udaipur Meera; a workshop on Back-pain governed by Dr. Chirayu Pamecha (Spine Surgeon) was organized for the senior citizens & women of the city, this 17th in the GBH American Hospital.

Dr. Chirayu in his lecture straightly reasoned out people’s lifestyle for the problem of back-pain. He considered it a matter of great thought that the highest number of such patients is from India. Exercise, Yoga & a diet suffice with Calcium were told as the primary requirements to avoid it. He also stated that to keep the problem under control, timely medical consultation and physiotherapy is necessary.

After the lecture was over, queries of the audience were solved in a separate session.

Club President Dr. Veena Sanadhya made all the welcomes while Dr. Kusum Mathur managed the event. In the end, Chair of the Sangini Initiatives, Mrs. Neelu Javeria, thanked all. On the behalf of the senior citizens, Mr. B. L. Seth bid the thanks.