Pregnancy complications you should be aware of to avoid uncertainties

Pregnancy is going to one of the most memorable periods in your life. As a couple, the first biggest event after your wedding is pregnancy. Delivering a child is a dream for most women right from the adolescent age. The day you get conceived, there comes a sense of achievement and gratitude. Meanwhile, as days proceed, there also comes a sense of fear which gets associated as your body changes in shape and size. Due to the increased hormonal activity which is a reaction of your body as the embryo grows into a beautiful baby.

You might always have this question about what are the complications which you should be aware of and what to do if you facing one. Let us see some of the common gynecological complications which occur during pregnancy.

  1. Vaginal bleeding could mean different things especially if you are pregnant. From heavy bleeding to spotting bleeding can have its own course. As heavy bleeding is associated with miscarriage, it is very important to keep a close watch on your vaginal bleeding. If you are experiencing cramps with heavy bleeding, visit the best gynecology specialist in Gurgaon or any other city right away.
  2. If you are experiencing nausea while you are pregnant, it is completely alright. As nausea and vomiting are very common. But if it is getting serious, do not hesitate to visit your doctor. Most of the dehydration and your diet could be causing the problem but do not live with the condition.
  3. Contractions can be symptoms of preterm labor. If you are in your 3rs trimester and feel frequent contractions then you might want to schedule a visit to the maternity clinic. There are quite a few top maternity hospitals in Chennai who are well versed with premature and preterm labor. This cannot be treated as a sign of emergency as contractions can mean a lot of underlying problems.
  4. Water breaks due to rupture of the membrane can be tricky at times as enlarged uterus can cause pressure on your bladder so you might want to try urinating. If the flow continues then you might want to call your doctor.
  5. Persistent headaches and abdominal pain might occur every now and then but there is a degree of discomforts associated with this.

It is always important to keep a close watch on your health and consult the doctor immediately. All these years you waited to enter the phase of parenthood and cannot be disturbed by certain complications. Changing your lifestyle and building healthy habits can you far away from all these complications.