You won’t be Able to Escape Now if you Violate Traffic Rules. Read Why!

Now Udaipur police will easily be able to track if you don’t have your license or miss out on any documentation of your vehicles. Just like the metro cities, police started E-challan in Udaipur also.

Source: India Today

40 E-challan machines were issued to different points wherein 30 were delivered to police stations and 10 were given to the traffic department. These E-challan machines are connected with the internet and would intake the vehicle number and reveal all the missing documents of your vehicle whose challan would be deducted afterward.

The police department has appealed to the citizens of Udaipur to carry all the documents of the vehicle, not to ride/drive without a license, two-wheeler riders should wear a helmet and four-wheeler drivers should wear seat belts.

This action will result in transparency in penalty recovery and the age-old vehicle without registration running on the streets of Udaipur will also be caught.

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