Incident: Are We Eating Safe?

Dosa Cockroach Udaipur

(This Is An Edited(Fake) Picture Just to Sarcasm the state of the Incident in a Famous Restaurant. The topic states about an Incident that took place in our City not about the picture. )

Incident To Discuss About: Cockroach in Dosa

Recently a week ago A Cockroach was found in a Dosa  in one of  our City’s finest South Indian Café in Anand plaza(I Hope You can Guess The Name !). A Family ordered the Dosa and while eating found out that there was a cockroach inside the Dosa.

If this is the condition of a well known restaurant which is very famous for South Indian Food then what would be the condition of the other restaurants. But this raises a serious question that Are We Really Eating Safe?

Recently Food Inspection was also done to check the quality of food been served in restaurants, but nothing was been found. So we do not have much to conclude rather than saying that Our Health is in our Hands and We have to take Care of it.

cockroach udaipur

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