Things only an Udaipurite can relate to

Even after exploring all the places in the world, at the end of the day, every Udaipurite will only say ‘There’s no better place than Udaipur’. No matter how much fun we have otherwise but the feeling of home can only be felt in this city. So, there are few feelings that only an Udaipurite can connect to-

Evenings at Fatehsagar

Back in my school days, I remember, I and my friends used to bunk our coaching and used to go to Fatehsagar. There is something in this place that doesn’t tire your eyes even if you are visiting here for the millionth time. The serene feeling you get while sitting on the pal, looking at the sunset and cool breeze taking all your worries away, for a moment it feels like it’s the only thing you’re living for.

Things only an Udaipurite can relate to
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Streets of Old city

Old city doesn’t look old any day. It is one part of the city which always looks decorated with different colors in the shops and all the traditional clothes and jewelry on the display of the shops. While walking in the streets of Old City with all the foreign travelers accompanying you it seems like you are walking in a different part of the city.

Things only an Udaipurite can relate to
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Monsoon and Peepliya

Whenever sky pours Udaipur with drops of heaven the first place that comes to mind is Peepliya. While I am writing about it I can literally visualize the entire road and place surrounded by fog. One cannot see more than a meter on the road, the fog is that thick. Tiny droplets of water will neither completely wet you nor will keep you dry. It feels like you are entering a place in the sky via road.

Things only an Udaipurite can relate to
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School picnics at Haldighati

When I was 11, the school announced a picnic to Haldighati. The first thought that came to my mind was that does this place has Haldi (turmeric) instead of sand? Well, to my disappointment it wasn’t. But I’m sure every other child would’ve thought the same. I was in awe of Maharana Pratap when I learned the history of him back then. The name of the place still takes me to one of my favorite memories of childhood.

Things only an Udaipurite can relate to

Family outings at Ubeshwarji and Chandni Village

In the season of outings, these are the places that come to the mind of everyone’s family members. I’m sure all of you have visited this place with your entire family at least once. Sometimes we even take all the eatables there and make it a day. Jumping into the water with your siblings and coming back with empty stomachs to hot pakoras is not a distant memory, is it?

Things only an Udaipurite can relate to
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Things only an Udaipurite can relate to
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Weekends at Sukhadiya Circle

Boating in the pond of Sukhadiya Circle, having ‘chana jor garam’ in the garden and eating at one of the stalls outside was the plan on almost all weekends back then. Every Udaipurite has one favorite stall at Sukhadiya Circle. Although the craze for boating has reduced in Udaipur a bit, the kid in us still enjoys this place.

Things only an Udaipurite can relate to
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While every city is beautiful, there’s no place like Udaipur. What connects you to Udaipur? Tell me in the comment section below, I’ll be glad to hear.