From Banyan Roots to Vat Vriksh : A step forward

Why the name “vat vriksh” ?

As the tree vat vriksh(banyan tree) supports a whole lot of plants, animals and even human beings, in the same way the production centre vat vriksh supports 32 farmers in backward villages who are working with organic farming techniques.


What all do they produce?

Rice, Wheat, Corn, Pulses, Lentil, Gram, Spices, Ghee, Peanut Oil, Mustard Oil, Herbal Tea, Hair Oil, Thyme, Sulphur free Sugar, Tea, Coffee (these three products we do not produce we source it from organic farming association of India network) Papad etc. and various other food materials without the use of harmful pesticides.

They only use compost (leaves and green food waste) to increase fertility of the ground, neem to keep away insects, and other organic methods which are forgotten and were in use long back.


What are we actually eating!

  • According to a Survey by WHO, Our food has 40 times more toxic chemicals than permitted.
  • An apple a day, keeps GOOD HEALTH away!
    Yes, our own government reports suggests that banned pesticides like CHLORDANE, HEPTACHLOR and DDT are present in our food.
  • Fruits, vegetables, meat, milk and even water are all laced with high levels of pesticide residue. (numerous times above the maximum residue limits<mrl> setup by Indian law.


Some references!

  • Pesticides are Poisons, meant mainly to kill living organisms of different kinds (organophosphate pesticides, for instance, have been originally developed as nerve poisons during World War II)
  • According to satyamev jayete’s episode 08: it says that, “For decades our food and water have been contaminated by powerful, harmful pesticides which have been promoted as necessary for better agricultural output. But the reality is that we don’t need pesticides for better yield, and the use of these pestisides is not only deadly for health but results in expensive farming methods. The solution is to adopt organic farming, which is possible and profitable”


So in the end we can say!


No Thank You! 😉

Address of Vat Vriksh: 1-K, 26 Opposite to Jain Mandir, Hiran Magri Sector – 4, Udaipur

Article by : Neha Chhajer