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Dainik Bhakar Lakecity Carnival on 10th October


Finally all waiting is over!!! The much awaited Date for Lakecity Carnival that was somehow not declared due to the Ayodhya-Babri Masjid Verdict but after the upshot Of the Verdict and much anticipated Peace in the whole Country including Udaipur has filled every heart with joviality and liberty hence the date for The Lakecity Carnival has been declared and Finally we gonna have The Biggest Ever Event in the History of Udaipur on 10th of October. Ya all our lingering should now be ended. After all, it’s time for Fun and festivity.

“Lakecity Carnival” more or less everyone had heard about the Carnival and even will be aware about certain fact(s)about it or rather got an image in mind that how it’s gonna be. But now let us show everyone the real picture. Exactly, the time has arrived. Although from now onwards we will not say anymore that it’s gonna be a huge event in the history of Udaipur and blah blah blah  instead we will like to hear all that from you. What say??? No!!

OK then let us provide a little information about the proceedings to be transpired in the Carnival. Starting with the Fireworks, we are conceited to tell you that it will be the first event which will have many Fireworks  Surprised??? No???  ok 50 Unique exquisitely decorated Floats of science, art, culture, dance, drama, music, television, sports, history, heritage, statehood, nationality, folklore, custom & traditions etc. And first ever Marshal Art performance by a group of several 60 people (approx.), Various Unique Performances by West Zone Culture, Fire stunts, Hot air Balloons and Kites, Various Group Dance performances including western, cultural and many more (by kids, women and other professionals), Horse & Camel display rally, skating performance & stunts and lot lot really lotsss more about Tourism, Nationality, Folklore, Customs & traditions etc. We promise you that it’s gonna be an Event to be engraved with gold or even you can say with diamonds in Udaipur’s history.


Moreover, many eminent personalities will also be invited to grace the occasion and judge performances of the competitors and announce winners. Awards will be given to best performers.

Award categories in the Carnival are:

  • 1st Prize : 51,000 cash,
  • 2nd Prize: 21,000 ,
  • 3rd Prize: 11,000 ,

*And three consolation Prizes of 5100 each.

For more details Contact: 9672872968, 9672862405.



We invite and advice you to participate and attend the First ever Carnival of Udaipur on 10th October. Make sure you don’t miss the prestigious & most pleasant Event of the City.

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