National Youth Day

National Youth Day

A salary that can afford a good lifestyle, home sweet home in a good area of city, cars and bikes parked in the parking space, a life at peace with no worries….all this complete the frame of a perfect life. Isn’t it all that we all dream of and for what we struggle for?? Everyone wants an easy life. But today, as we celebrate the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekanand, we need to think over one quote given by him – “Wake up, Rise and Move ahead!!”

Youth have always epitomized passion, strength, power, capabilities, zest and what not. But today only one word describes youth and that is stagnant. We don’t want to discover new horizons, new spheres, new dimensions. Certainly, we do have exceptions but those can be counted on fingers. And this is not enough. We need a revolution – A complete turn over, not only in politics and system but also in the society. We have to drain corruption and dirty politics out of our country, afford at least two times meal, proper shelter and clothes to everyone, make sure that every child gets educated, and end the discrimination made on the grounds of caste, religion and sex. Yes, the list seems to be endless but we have to do it.

This Youth is vigilant – aware about what is going around him; he has that capability to understand the problems that our country is facing. But a mere understanding of the problems, relaxing in your resting chair in your warm and cozy home, is not enough. It is time to “Rise”. Time to move out from homes and burn the streets and roads with a craving to change the world. Show everyone that Yes, we have that violent streak in our blood..!! It doesn’t mean that you start putting a real fire at things; it just means that we must have that heat of fire that can even melt a metal. A single person’s fieriness will not do it; we have to join hands and organize our capabilities and power to make things better and then the best.

I wish that this National Youth Day will stimulate the power lying inside us to spurt up and everyone will see a force rising up that will know no limits, no boundaries; just an enlightened vision for a better world and better society to live in. 😉

Photo Credits: Aneesh Jajodia