Experiments and Explorations: A Workshop on Theatre

Experiments and Explorations” was a 5 day theatre workshop at Shikshantar with one guiding theme: “The audienceā€. We explored different means of audience participation, and discussed the many ways in which the theatre can interact with its public. The workshop consisted of exercises, games and creation techniques- looking at the links between theatre with the visual arts, music, dance and street performances. The objective was not only to explore the art form of the theatre, but to try and understand how it might be able to play a part in social and political commentary.

The workshop resulted in a small performance on the street outside Shikshantar. Working with the theme of “Nature”, the participants reflected on the changes that are taking place in our environment – the causes, the effects and the possible solutions.

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By UdaipurBlog Guest Author – Nandita Dinesh



About the Author

Nandita DineshNandita Dinesh is from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and has an M.A. in Performance Studies from the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. A recipient of the Watson Fellowship, Nandita pursued a project entitled “All the world is a stage: Using theatre to address conflict”; and as such, traveled to Guatemala, Northern Ireland and Rwanda understanding the role that theatre played during/ after the conflict in question. She has coordinated community theatre related efforts in India, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Northern Ireland, the United States, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico.