Fan-coolers, Books and Single Shops in Residential Area can open from Monday

Udaipur District Administration has given permission to open limited shops during the lockdown period from Monday, April 27.

The administration has allowed the shops for Fan-Coolers, Book Stores as well as single shops located in the residential area in the districts to remain open.

However, service-related shops including salons and beauty parlours will remain closed. Also, malls, shopping complexes and market in the urban areas of the district will remain closed. The administration clarified that market, where there are ten or more shops close to each other or in a row, will not be allowed to open. In such markets, only the shops for the fans, coolers, and books will be permitted to operate.

The shops which have been allowed to open, the concerned shopkeepers will have to maintain social distancing and only 50 per cent of the staff will be able to work in them.