MLSU: Wait for Examination Forms finally over!

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Already facing criticism for not having been able to timely clear the last year’s RL results and administrative mismanagements in the new exam pattern, another introduction proving the yet prevailing suffering of lack of staff is the introduction of Undergraduate Exam Application Forms at the end of the year.

While in the previous year, the exam forms had started being filled in the 3rd week of September itself, being late by more than 3 months directly point towards the shifting of examination dates. Introducing forms at a time when most of the students are home on vacations is also a decision that isn’t turning soothing for the students. Nobody wishes so but if the dates of examination get shifted, the most affected group will be of those in the 2nd & final year: planning to get into another University or looking for free time to prepare for entrance examinations which are held in the second quarter of the year.

On the part of the students, the expectations still lie that the exams take place in March-April, rest depends on the speed of administration and the diligent pushes of the Student Union representation.

As of Monday 24th December 2012, the exam forms for B.Com 1st, 2nd & 3rd year and that of B.A. 1st year have appeared online, you may get it from the following link & submit the filled application form at your respective colleges:

Link for online examination forms:

Wishing the students all the best and a merry Christmas.