A Brief Interview with New Mayor of Udaipur – Mr. Chandra Singh Kothari

chandra singh kothari udaipur

Who would dare to judge that India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has already reached its electoral tidemark? Its big victory in November, taking 49 of 55 seats for Udaipur Municipal Corporation surprised almost everyone. It was a tribute to a blistering campaign by Chandra Singh Kothari, now Mayor of Udaipur. But other trends helped too. For example, the never ending efforts of Mr. Gulab Chand Kataria, Home Minister for the state of Rajasthan and the Chankya of Udaipur’s Politics. If Mr. Modi and his party can rule well, their popular support could even rise further.

But the campaign was unprecedented, not least for the exorbitant sums spent by the BJP. This helped the Hindu nationalist party transform its fortune.

After all the discussions, the party came to a conclusion with a name Mr. Chandra Singh Kothari the first citizen of Udaipur cum the second mayor of the Government of Udaipur.

The team of got the opportunity for tête-à-tête with Mr. Mayor in his all new workroom.

Chandra Singh Ji Kothari’s stirring life journey to the Mayor of Udaipur Municipal Corporation began in the by-lanes of Lakhola, a small village, near Bhilwara district. He was born on March 27, 1957.

Mr. Chandra Singh Kothari’s life has been a journey of compassion and constant hard-work. At a very young age he decided to devote his life in the service of people. He displayed his skills as a grass root level worker, an organizer and an administrator. He started his political career in college by joining ABVP and was elected as the University president. He completed his graduation in Commerce and further pursued Law for higher studies.

After being the University President he took a halt of 11 years due to his personal responsibilities. Finally, he returned back to politics and from then he never looked back. He was the divisional convener for Bharitya Janta Party Yuva Morcha in 1989. Later he joined Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh, and served with constant dedication for 22 years. His political career gained wings after he joined RSS. There came a shifting turn and he joined main stream politics and became the incharge of BJP for Udaipur Nagar Nigam in 2011.

From the people, for the people” the punch line of the mayor of Udaipur who believes in the thought “Action Speaks Louder than the words” and one can sense it by the hustle pestle in the city these days.

Whether this will change the city’s scenario cannot be decided yet but the vision on which he laid the road map of Udaipur is astounding in itself. He is aware of the system of corporation as he has worked closely with the former mayor of Udaipur, Mrs. Rajni Dangi.

While briefing his action plans he prioritized his list with

Flowing Ayad, Clean Ayad :-  

Beautification of Ayad river has been an issue of great concern for him as well as the city . His discussion regarding its cleanliness project and revenue generation shows good indications for its future. “There is a discussion going on with Hindustan Zinc for setting up a water treatment plant too.” he added.

Elevated Roads :-

Another objective is to put in motion the projects for elevated roads. Planning is being done for building some of these in certain areas to solve the vulnerable issue of traffic.

Pollution :-

This is one of the biggest concerns for the deteriorating environmental conditions of our city. The pollution caused due to onus vehicular traffic is increasing year after year.

Efficient Public Transport :-

He also emphasized on efficient public transport and in this aspect he promised to start city buses soon and add more to the fleet for major areas on regular basis.  


In the course of conversation on issues of blocked roads Mr. Mayor agreed with the same and told us that it has always been a great problem and mainly in old city areas where already roads are narrow and then the shops encroachment, parking problem makes the condition even worst.

He further mentioned, “Log Nigam ki Karwahi se nahi, Police se zyada datre hai” but since these problems arise repeatedly, he assured to bring in a better solution for the same.

Other problems of stray animals, littering and construction site encroachments were also discussed and brought into light.

Mr. Kothari fully supported the things and assured to resolve these problems but even remembered to mention that false promises could not be made at the cost of people’s trust and also as they don’t want to bear any sort of criticism from the media thereafter. His use of the phrase “Hawan karte rahe or hath be jalate rahe” explained this situation well enough. 😀

When asked about transgression of illegal constructions in Udaipur, the Mayor told “We have taken proper measures for this and our first approach would be eyeing under construction buildings and later on towards shops and buildings without having proper parking facilities.”

In Mr. Chandra Singh Kothari, the people of Udaipur see a dynamic, decisive and development-oriented leader who has emerged as a ray of hope for the dreams and aspirations of the citizens of Udaipur. We wish that he takes our city to new heights of progress. ☺


Interviewed by:

Mujtaba Rg, Shuchi Mehta, Gaurav Mehta

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