Magic Space (First Co-Working Space​ in Udaipur)

Unfold Ability with Like Minded People

Working from home and interacting with the officials through many independent sources is quite popular amongst the people. Especially, the people who frequently travel along with their work, carry unbound values relevant to their skills and don’t want any rules and laws of a company by being in a particular space are appropriately called as the freelancers. But, for freelancers, there is no special place to sit, work and build their community. Because working from home is a big issue for 8 out of 10. That’s why roaming with the laptops in public Wi-Fi zones and working in cafés goes into their habits. For assisting this purpose two of the Engineers from Udaipur have come up with the concept of Co-Working through – “Magic Space co-working”.

Magic Space - Coworking Udaipur

What is co-working? How is it helpful?

In simple terms, if we relate to co-working with the café, it would be wrong to say because facilities and environment are entirely different. We can say it, as a style of working that involves as shared environment among the individuals. Often like an office and independent activity. If we take a look at typical office environment, co-working is usually not employed by the same organisation but, referred to others.

Identically, it is attractive for those who are work-from-home professionals, independent contractors, and the one who end up their work by travelling to isolated places. It can also be termed as a social gathering of a group of certain people, who are still working independently but share the same values and often interested in the synergy that can happen from working with individuals who value working environment in the same place with each other. If we talk about the benefits.

Magic Space - Udaipur

Freelancers and independent working persons can get help in many ways:

1. It is conducive to knowledge sharing, and different people come along at same working environment for performing several activities. Hence, one can easily share the interactive ideas and can help each other in working.

2. Provides access to new networks in the shared environment.

3. Allows several companies to tap into ideas that they would normally not have exposure to work.

4. Provides a platform that is away from home to remove the distractions and save the coffee bills as well.

5. Apart from all this, what’s more interesting, it is not a typical office that you have to work from morning to evening. You are free in your comfort hours to enter the space and let your work begin.

Magic Space

And, to give a catch on this whole concept, Magic Space (Co-Working Space) is introduced in Udaipur by Vinav Bhanawat and Pallav Nahar to unlock the opportunity for freedom to work in the liveliest and open environment.

And, moving ahead from initiation of Magic Space, more interesting thing about this working environment space is that it lets you connect with like-minded people who are independent in working and are ready to share knowledge and ability.

Not only this, Magic Space had many facilities built in it that includes:

• High-speed connectivity

• 24×7 and 365 days access

• Meeting rooms

• Collaborative fun space

• Mentorship programs

• Startup events recreational zone

• Cafeteria

• How to pitch events?

• Growth strategy sessions

• Security

• Power backup 24×7

Magic Space - 2
Magic Space – 2

So, we guess Udaipur has got something that is not only new but exciting too. For creating magic by connecting with lot many independent people through Co-working is such a lively concept.

All the best Vinav Bhanawat, Pallav Nahar, and their Magic Space, a platform for every people who like to share ideas in freestyle without being in a particular company.

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