Udaipur in Limca book of Records

Limca book of records is an amusing and thrilling book that strings together shocking, surprising and appreciative achievements achieved by Indian citizens. The book is Indian equivalent to the Guinness Book of World Records that aims to appreciate unique achievements by Indian residing in India and other countries of the world. It is completely dedicated to people who are capable to do something different and should be remembered for their distinctive deeds.

Now that we know about the power and position of such a great book, some of the gems even belong to Udaipur that have not only managed to secure a position in the pages of the book but also has made the city proud in front of the entire nation. Let us know about these people who have made some shocking, surprising and appreciable achievements in the history of the country.


Lucky number 786

Udaipur in Limca book of Records
Source: udaipur times

In the year 2012, a man named Vinay Bhanawat has a peculiar interest to collect Indian currency note of Rupees 10. But these are not some ordinary 10 rupees note but every note has a serial number ending with 786. This interest of his helped him to secure a position in Limca Book of Records. He collected not hundred, not thousand but a total of Eighty-six thousand and sixty-seven (86067) notes of such kind. Because of this passion of his, he once bought a one rupee note in Rs. Twenty thousand from a collector of in Mumbai. The reason behind it was that the note was special as the serial number was only 786.

Apart from this unique passion of his, he also likes to collect ancient and valuable coins which include the copper coins with a hole, coins from the Mughal Era and many other old coins which weigh over 20 Kg.


The only person to ride on Indo-Pak bridge

Udaipur in Limca book of Records
Indo – Pak bridge

Do you have the passion for bikes and riding? Then you will be amazed to meet the only bike rider who rode on the Indo-Pak Bridge in the history of the world. Anuj Pal Goswami started his solo bike expedition on Feb 27th, 2015 from Gurgaon and returned on March 26th, 2015. This way he covered a total of two thousand four hundred and thirty kilometers in just 27 days.

He rode his entire journey on his royal Enfield TB 500. The journey was not an easy one for Anuj. At times, he had to ride in the chilling temperatures of -20 to -25 degrees. One time he got stuck in snow slide which paused his journey for 11 days. But they say if you are passionate enough, you are able to do anything and thus, Anuj became the only civilian biker to ride to Indo-Pak farthest bridge.


Books in gold and silver of size 6 mm

Udaipur in Limca book of Records

Iqbal Sakka is a very popular name all around the country. The man is known for his miniature artistry where he makes tiny objects using gold and silver. One of his creations is the miniature gold and silver books which are 6 mm long, 4 mm wide and 3 mm thick. The pages are not empty if you’re thinking so. They are engraved with the word ‘Allah’ in Arabic, ‘Om’ in Sanskrit, a holy cross from Christianity and a ‘Khanda’ from Sikhism. Iqbal wants to spread the message of unity with these miniature books. It took him three months to complete these books but his creation took him into the pages of Limca Book of records. Not just this, Iqbal is the owner of total 22 world records.

Iqbal wants to make his country proud by his art and his next goal is to a total of 36 records, one dedicated to each state and Union Territory of India.


Kalpit Veerwal – the god of JEE Mains

Udaipur in Limca book of Records
Source: velivada

The name doesn’t come as strange anymore does it? Almost every udaipurite might recognize this name and the reason behind such popular it got within such a short span of time. Well, those of you who have appeared for JEE Mains ever would know how difficult it is to even obtain a genuine cut off so that we can manage to get admission in a decent college and secure our future. In such conditions, a boy from Udaipur, Kalpit Veerwal obtained 360 out of 360 in JEE Mains in the year 2017. The news spread like a wildfire and within no time, he secured a position in Limca Book of Records. Veerwal has doesn’t just made his parents proud but he made Udaipur proud in front of the country. Now, he is studying Computer Science in IIT Bombay.


Solar Shikara in Fatehsagar

Udaipur in Limca book of Records
Source: dolphin creation

Solar powered shikara was operated in our beloved Lake Fatehsagar for the first time in the history of India. It contains solar cells to power the battery which allows the electric outboard to run. Earlier, Dolphin recreations made the basic version of the boat and three years later the electric- battery powered version shikara was developed. This solar shikara was written in the pages of Limca Book of records and became the center of attraction for every citizen of India.


Haircut of 150 kids in just 80 minutes

Udaipur in Limca book of Records
Source: Udaipur times

Have you ever calculated the time you spend on every haircut of yours? Or rather the time the hairdresser spends on your haircut? At least 30 minutes right? But seems like a salon is way more quick with haircuts then you can ever think of.

A very renowned salon of Udaipur which is Champion salon earned a position in Limca Book of records by completing haircut of 150 kids in just 80 minutes. They managed to spread happiness with these orphan and underprivileged kids by giving them the luxury they can hardly afford.


Dangerous fire act by magician women

Udaipur in Limca book of Records
Source: you tube

In the world where women are excelling at anything and everything, they won’t be back even at records, right? Well, I am not the only one saying this but when you’ll read about this amazing magician, you’ll say it too.

The great magician from Udaipur, Aanchal, completed a very dangerous fire act and got her name in the Limca Book of Records. In this fire act, Aanchal was tied with 100 locks and a 100 feet large chain. Further, she was suspended at a height of 100 feet above the ground using a crane. She was handcuffed as well. Then she was thrown into a well full of raging fire. Surprisingly, she managed to escape the fire by unlocking the locks and chains without a single scratch on her body.


India’s longest collage and ‘The Blue Elephant’

Udaipur in Limca book of Records
Source: the blue painter

Sharad Bhardwaj’s paintings have taken him to Limca Book of world records not once but twice. In the year 2008, Sharad Bhardwaj created India’s longest collage which got its place in Limca books of world records. But this didn’t satiate his quest and so in the year 2015, he created a 16 feet round painting known as ‘The blue Elephant’. He made the painting using acrylic colors on a canvas. And because of this majestic painting of his, his name once again flashed in Limca books of world records.


Udaipur’s tree house is in Limca book of world records

I bet you didn’t know these things about Udaipur
Source: pinterest

Once upon a time, a businessman named KP Singh proposed the idea of building a tree house upon a 65 years old Mango tree without cutting a single branch of the tree. The idea was so raw and difficult that when he took this idea of his to different architects and engineers around the city, none of them agreed to it.

One day his wish got fulfilled and the tree house got constructed just the way he wanted it to be without any damage to the tree and its branches. Surprisingly, the tree wasn’t made by some architect or civil engineer but a small artisan of Surat with the academic qualification of just grade seven. This tree house was later featured in the Limca book of world records.


12,500 statues and paintings of Ganesha

We all are devotees of Lord Ganesha big time, isn’t? But what if I tell you there’s a couple in Udaipur who actually possess 12,500 statues and paintings of Ganesha. Mr. Ram Kogata and his wife Mrs. Lalita Kogata have always aspired art and the passion took them to the dream of this collection. It took several big and small artisans to convert their dream into reality and after 30 years of hard work, they were recognized by not just Limca Book of Records but also Guinness book of World records and that too not just once but twice.


From all these records and stories, one thing is pretty clear that if you have a passion to do something, no one in the universe can stop you from doing that. These motivational people proved that if you want to become someone that nobody has ever become, then you have to do something that no one has ever done. So, if you have something in your mind which you want to do, do not think twice, get up right now and go conquer the world.