Different names of UDAIPUR and the reasons behind them

Now that you’ve reached here after reading the title, I’m sure you must have guessed some of these names of Udaipur but there are more names of the city then you actually know. And while we talk about these names there are various reasons behind every name there is of the city. Udaipur is a huge tourist attraction and it is kept safely in the bucket list of all the wanderers from all around the world. The city attracts lots of travelers from different parts of the world and thus these different names provide them with various stories that tell the tale of history and culture of the city.

Let us move forward to know why Udaipur is gifted with the number of synonyms that it has and what story each name is going to tell us.


The city of Lakes a.k.a Jheelo ki Nagri

Different names of Udaipur and the reasons behind them
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It is the most common name of the city. Almost every resident of Udaipur and even many tourists know that Udaipur is called the ‘City of Lakes’. Apparently, Udaipur has been gifted with a lot of lakes and that is the reason why it is known as the City of Lakes. But do you know almost all of these lakes are artificial or man-made?

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These lakes were constructed by the kings and rulers of Mewar (Udaipur was a part of Mewar back before the 13th century. The residents used to suffer from the problems like water shortage and poor sewage system. They had to survive only on rainwater. To overcome the problem, the rulers constructed these lakes and at present, they form a great lake system which comprises of seven prominent lakes namely Lake Pichola, Rang Sagar, Swaroop Sagar, Fateh Sagar, Badi, Madar and Udai Sagar. These lakes form a chain in the saucer-shaped Udaipur valley in such a way that the water keeps moving forward and doesn’t drown the city. Great mind back then eh?

Venice of the east

Different names of Udaipur and the reasons behind them
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Before I tell you why Udaipur is known as ‘Venice of the east’, we need to slightly move our attention from ‘Venice of the east’ to Venice. Venice is the city of Italy which is considered as the most beautiful city in the world. This entire city is surrounded by water and is known as floating city.

Now, there are several reasons why Udaipur is called ‘Venice of the east’. Firstly Udaipur is so beautiful that in a state of a compliment it is compared to Venice. Another reason is that like Venice, Udaipur is also surrounded by water. Water as in lakes. And due to reasons as such, Udaipur would have been named as ‘Venice of the east’.

Kashmir of Rajasthan

Different names of Udaipur and the reasons behind them
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There are many possible reasons why Udaipur is called ‘Kashmir of Rajasthan’. One reason amongst all these is that Kashmir is considered as the most beautiful city in India. So as Kashmir is to India, Udaipur is to Rajasthan. Apart from that Kashmir is known for its landscapes, scenic beauty, lake and ever-green fields. Now, as we are reading this we are able to compare Kashmir from Udaipur. Udaipur also is rich when it comes to beautiful landscapes, breathtaking views and of course lakes. One more reason that associates Kashmir to Udaipur is that both of these cities are situated on valleys that results in their outstanding beauty.

White City

Different names of Udaipur and the reasons behind them
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Some of us don’t know that Udaipur is also known as ‘White City’. The name got its existence from back then when the kings and rulers made palaces and forts in Udaipur made up of white marbles. As a result, the city is completely filled with Rajput-style palaces and forts. The center attraction of the white city is the palace situated right in the center of the city which is City palace. Apart from City palace, there are other white palaces as well, such as Jag Mandir, Lake Palace, etc. From that part of the city, if you are able to capture an aerial view, you will observe that most of the houses and other buildings of the city are white. White being the color indicating peace and harmony, Udaipur is appropriately named after it.

The romantic city of the east

Different names of Udaipur and the reasons behind them
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There isn’t the need to explain the reason behind this one. Udaipur is one such city that takes away all your worries and fears and no matter where you belong from, Udaipur is a home for everyone. The beauty and landscapes of Udaipur capture every couples’ heart and keep it forever. The palaces and the forts add a touch of royalty to their romance. With such amazing grandeur and breathtaking atmosphere, no wonder Udaipur is called as the ‘Romantic city of the east’. From all over the world people come to celebrate their moments of love in Udaipur. It gives them the essence of their relationship and helps them make the most out of it.


Udaipur is not just a city. It’s a feeling. It’s a feeling with a different meaning for every individual that visits this amazing city. Thus, to justify these feelings, there are different names given to the city.

What’s your favorite name of Udaipur and why? Tell us in the comment section.