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Rarely visited places in Udaipur that you need to visit right now

City of lakes, Udaipur is full of beautiful places and palaces. Lots of lakes and the greenery around it has just only added to the beauty of the place. Thousands of tourists arrive in the city in every season of the year and along with that locals are too fond of the lakes, palaces, and forts in and around the city. But there comes a time when you are just bored of going to the same places again and again. It mostly happens with the local citizens of the city. On every weekend, there is the same question that we ask all of our friends and it is ‘where to go’?

It is true that the love of us for Lake Fatehsagar, Ambrai and Rani Road is limitless but it is not possible that we go to these places every now and then without getting bored. And at these times, we literally yearn for places which are new to us and which not many people have visited because believe it or not we all have this ‘keeda’ to be one of the first people to go and discover some new place. So, we have compiled you a list of places which are rarely visited and still a bit uncorrupted from much of the city people.


Rathasan Mataji Mandir

Rarely visited places in Udaipur that you need to visit right now

Very few of you would know about this temple. It is situated near to Chirwa tunnel. To reach the place one would need to ride through some village roads. You can spot the place on google maps easily. However, the temple is situated on a hill so it is necessary that you keep yourself a bit prepared to climb up the place. Stairs are available there so it won’t be a difficult task to do that. The trek is of around 2 km. But every drop of sweat you toil would be worth when you reach the top and look at the immense beauty all around. The cold wind that caresses your body after the trek is such a pleasure.


Alsigarh Dam


Rarely visited places in Udaipur that you need to visit right now
Picture by: dimpyb2

Alsigarh Dam is situated in a village named as Alsigarh. It is ahead of Nandeshwarji temple. It is at a distance of approximately 30 km from the city. So, if you plan to visit the place make sure that you are ready to travel well. But when you finally reach the place, every second of the travel would seem worthwhile. The long stretch of the lake, lush green mountains and the beautiful dam will make your day. It is quite far from the business of the city and that makes it exclusive. You can just spend some time with nature without worrying about getting caught in the hustle bustle of the city.


Kundeshwarji temple

Rarely visited places in Udaipur that you need to visit right now
Picture by: arpit vijayvargia

Kundeshwarji temple is situated on the Pindwara highway. It is at a distance of 26 km from the city. The temple seems quite shady and mysterious in the lap of nature. As you proceed inside, you will see there is a small waterfall as well as ‘Jalkund’ flowing through it. It is quite an adventurous place to spend your day at with your friends. And the place is full of things and spots where you might want to take hundreds of selfies. But some things that you need to keep in mind is that you might suffer there with lack of proper parking facilities and make sure that you do not keep any of your precious belonging in the vehicle as there are possibilities that they might get stolen.



Rarely visited places in Udaipur that you need to visit right now
Picture by: Pratish Kapil

Raayta is small village ahead of Kodiyat. The way to reach the village can be a bit tricky but you can spot it on google maps and the most traditional way of navigation which is ‘ask the villagers’. It may seem like what’s new in a village? Well, there is a hill which is Raayta hill and that is the main point of attraction. From the top of the Hill, you can capture a breathtaking view of the landscapes around you. The wind will just go with it. It is preferable that you visit the place in monsoon because at that time rain and the hill looks like soul mates. Above is the picture of Raayta Hill at the time of the night. Clear sky could make it possible to look at the Milky Way clearly.


Nandeshwarji temple and dam

Rarely visited places in Udaipur that you need to visit right now
Picture by: Pritesh Sharma

Nandeshwarji temple and dam is about 2-3 km ahead of the Araliyas Resort. The major attraction here is the temple and dam. Since there is a Dam, the peak time to visit here would be the monsoon when the water flow would be at its height. The mountains and the lush green landscapes that your eyes would be able to capture would seem unbelievable for a moment. Nandeshwar Lake can be seen from the point and the Lake is stretched so wide till the capacity of your eyes to see it. There won’t be many people in summers and winters so you need not worry about the excess crowd, however, at peak season, you can see a large amount of crowd having their leisurely time.


Sas Bahu Temple

Rarely visited places in Udaipur that you need to visit right now
Picture by: rakshith09

Sas Bahu Temple is a short name for Sahastra Bahu temple which means ‘the one with thousand arms’. The temple is dedicated to God Vishnu. It is situated in Nagda standing at a distance of 17 km from the city. It was built in early 10th century AD. The temples are now in ruins but one can still look at the magnificent architecture of the temples once. It oversees Bagela Lake and that adds to the immense beauty of the place that it already has. The road to reach the place is quite well conditioned which makes the place easily accessible.


Ahar museum and cenotaphs

Rarely visited places in Udaipur that you need to visit right now
Picture by: maximvo

Ahar museum and cenotaphs are situated at a distance of 3 km from the city. It is an archeological site which is believed to be built 350 years from now. Around 19 Mewar rulers were cremated here and the total number of Cenotaphs here is 250. Apart from the cenotaphs, there is a museum which preserves antiques from the 10th century which are iron objects, earthen pots, skin scrubber, grain pot, stone weights, animal figures, terracotta toys, statues and other excavated artifacts. If you are one of those people who have a keen interest in the history of a place, then this would actually take you back to history.


No matter how much we think that we have explored all the places, the city will never stop surprising us with new wonderful places. There are actually so many places apart from the usual spots that we prefer to hang out at. So, now that you have a list of all the less explored places, get ready to give a treat to your eyes and also share this list with your friends and make a plan of one awesome weekend now.

Also, if you have visited any place like such share with us in the comment section below or e-mail at We’ll be glad to hear from you.