The Grand Festival of Kumbhalgarh will Start from Tomorrow

Kumbhalgarh Festival is a 3-day festival organized by the Department of Tourism of Rajasthan every year at Kumbhalgarh fort. The grand event commemorates the contribution of Maharana Kumbha’s contribution towards art and culture. Throughout the fest, the fort is embellished so much so that the tourists and even the locals are just astonished by its beauty.

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This 3-day fest will begin from tomorrow i.e. 1st December 2018, coming to an end by 3rd December 2018. It showcases all the colors of Rajasthani culture through its dance performance and other activities. The competitions and programmes carried out in the fest simply escalates the zeal and enthusiasm of the people and makes them feel what it was like in the bygone era of Mewar.

The fest includes performances by various renowned artists from all over the country. Sound and light shows are conducted too with the Kumbhalgarh Fort in the background.

Day 1 – Dance performances like Ghoomar, Kalbeliya dance and Kachchi Ghodi will mark the beginning of the fest at Yagya Vedi Chowk of Kumbhalgarh. These Rajasthani dance performances will be followed by a Kathak dance by Sayani Chavda of Kolkata in the evening.

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Day 2 – Second would be a fun-filled day with the most happening Tug of war competition between locals and foreigners. In addition to that, turban tying competition will be conducted on all 3 days.

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Day 3 – The last day of the fest will include Sufi song performances, Rajasthani folk dance and music, and classical songs and dance.

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The most awaited performance of the fest is that of Gulabo who is a Rajasthani dancer. Gulabo has gained international fame from her outstanding dance moves. One of the most famous works of her is ‘Kaalyo kood padyo mela mein’.

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