150+ Photos of Illuminati – 2014 – Fashion Fiesta in Udaipur

Did you miss all the mania of ‘Illuminati-2014’? We recapped all the highlights you need right here.

Staged at The Sukhadia Rangmanch of town hall, professional models including Himangini Singh (Miss Asia-Pacific, 2012), Farah Husain (Femina Miss India, 2014) graced the ramp wearing the collections of Fashion Designing students of Pacific institute of fashion technology and mass communication.

The show featured a perfect blend of traditional Rajasthani ‘Bandhej’ and modern western outfits. The chief guest was Mr. Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar, Mr B.R. Agrawal (Chairman, PAHER), Mr Ashish Agrawal (Financial Secretary, PAHER) , Dr Mahendra Sojatia were among the other dignitaries who marked their presence.

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Photos by: Aman Bhandari


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Events Photos

[Best Pictures] Illuminati-2013 – Fashion Jalsa in Lakecity

The Annual Function of Pacific Institute of Fashion Technology and Mass Communication, named ‘Illuminati 2013’ was organized on the evening of 6th may, at Sukhadia Rangmanch. The fashion show was based on Khaadi, Bridal, Aryan and Mughal themes and as expected, it earned a great applause from the audience.

Famous faces from the Indian fashion industry, including Iris Mathi, Runa Laha, Jyotipriya Sood, Himakshi, Kesh Karishma, Preeti Arya, Puneet Katyal and others walked the ramp under the direction of Shravankumar Ramaswami, a well known fashion designer. The dresses wore my models were specifically designed by the students of the institute under the guidance of Shai Lobo, an International Choreographer.

The program started with lamp lighting ceremony Ashish Agarwal, Leela Agarwal, Sheetal Agarwal, Ankit Agarwal, Sharad Kothari, Venugopal, Dr. Mahendra Sojatia and Ritu Bose, who also welcomed the guests.

Just after Ganesh Vandana, models started tuning to theme based ramp walks. Audience applauded and enjoyed each and every dance pieces which were based on Aryan.

A documentary film “Making of Illuminati 2013” which is based on ‘behind the scenes’, was also presented on the show.

Photos by Yash Sharma


© Yash Sharma2 (Large)


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Photos by Rahul Soni 

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