Day 1 at International Workshop on Mobile and Cloud Computing (IW-MCC 2012) concluded successfully

Workshop in Techno NJR on Cloud Computing

The International Workshop on Mobile and Cloud Computing (iw-mcc) 2012 being organized by Techno India NJR, and with the joint efforts of IEEE India Educational Society from 4th-5th Dec 2012 had its first day today. Inaugurated by John Walz, president, IEEE Computer Society, the workshop was followed by his Keynote speech. The workshop started with a houseful session by Madhukar Dubey, CEO, Fusion eSolutions LLC, USA over basics of Cloud Computing and Innovations, followed by speech of Gaurav Mantri founder, Cerebrata Softwares and Windows Azure MVP (Most Valuable Professional) over Windows Azure details. In the later session, Ravi Singhal (IBM AIX Expert) took a session over Data Warehousing and Application for Datacenter, and gave students a hands-on session on the IBM AIX servers. Mr. Ananya Singhal, Group Head IT & Infrastructure, Secure meters was the Guest of Honour.

cloud computing workshop


Madhukar Dubey and Gaurav Mantri Udaipur


ravi singhal


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2 Day National Workshop on Amateur Radio held in Techno NJR

A 2 day national workshop on Amateur Radio Communications & Computer networks in Education (NW-ARCCNE – 2012) was held in Techno India NJR Institute of Technology on 17th and 18th October, 2012.
This workshop was organized by Techno India NJR, Udaipur in association with National Institute of Amateur Radio (NIAR), Hyderabad and supported by IEEE (TINJRT) Computer Society Student Branch. The workshop was hosted by Miroslav Skoric, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia, who explained various aspects of Amateur Radio and Digital Network.

NW-ARCCNE | UdaipurBlog

The inaugural witnessed presence of guests like Miroslav Skoric, S. Ram Mohan, Director, NIAR, Rajveer Shekhawat, GM, Secure Meters, Mazher Hussain, Secretary, CSI Udaipur Chapter, and online presence of Dr. Sorel Reisman, past president, IEEE Computer Society. In the beginning, Mr. S. Ram Mohan gave a brief intro on Amateur Radio, informed about the advantages and how it had been of great help in recent past.
It was later taken over by Miroslav, where he took an in-depth session on Amateur Radio, setting it up, and gave a hands-on practical session of Amateur Radio transmission. The workshop successfully concluded with certificate distribution, and on a note to contribute more intelligence and efforts to the Global Amateur Radio Community.

Given below are few glimpses of the event held at Techno India NJR Institute of Technology.

(Click on images to enlarge)

NW-ARCCNE | UdaipurBlog

NW-ARCCNE | UdaipurBlog

NW-ARCCNE | UdaipurBlog

NW-ARCCNE | UdaipurBlog

NW-ARCCNE | UdaipurBlog

NW-ARCCNE | UdaipurBlog

NW-ARCCNE | UdaipurBlog


National Workshop NW-ARCCNE to be held in Techno NJR

The amateur radio is an old fine hobby from the days of inventing the Morse alphabet and implementing telegraphy. Since the second half of the 19th century, millions of volunteers learned new skills in communications – while attending the amateur radio courses and successfully passed examinations; got their first radio licenses and started transmitting signals to the spectrum. The electronics industry recognized the incoming “flood” of the new communicating enthusiasts, coming from all over the world and predicted them to be a good market very soon. Today we have a lot of opportunities to purchase sophisticated and computerized amateur radio “gadgets” – that include fascinating traditional and brand new communication modes.

Nw-ARCCNE 2012

To keep up pace with the new trends and spread word and knowledge about the Amateur Radio, Techno India NJR Institute of Technology, Udaipur is organizing National Workshop on Amateur Radio Communications and Computer Networks in Education (NW-ARCCNE) 2012 in association with National Institute of Amateur Radio, Hyderabad, IEEE Computer Society India Council and IEEE Education Society Delhi Chapter supported by TINJRIT IEEE Computer Society Student Branch on 17-18 October 2012.

Dr. Miroslav “Misko” Skoric, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia | UdaipurBlog

The workshop will be conducted by Dr. Miroslav “Misko” Skoric, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia. He has 20 years of experience in computer network administration and system maintenance and 20+ years of practice in the amateur radio. Skoric has been maintaining various types of amateur radio bulletin board systems with VHF/HF radio frequency and Internet inputs/outputs in the local amateur radio union and clubs-societies.


In a discussion with Piyush Javeria, Chair, NW-ARCCNE, he informed that the participants will be learning different aspects of the amateur radio fundamentals, such as:

  • What is the amateur radio, who are the radio amateurs, how to find and join them
  • What is needed to establish a simplest computer communication between two users
  • How to solve the problem of natural or artificial obstacle between two (or more) users
  • What are the advantages of communication with the amateur radio satellites
  • How to exchange an e-mail without an ISP connection or without a telephone
  • How to choose the proper modem, radio, antenna and computer
  • How to fight against potential amateur radio ‘pirates’ (hackers)
  • What regulatory changes are needed to establish more amateur computer networks
  • What topics and questions belong to the new suggested ADL licenses
  • How to make the local AMUNET and how to link it to a neighbouring one.

The last date to register for the same throughout India is 12th October 2012. More details can be found on the website:


Prof. Piyush from Udaipur to attend IEEE Board of Governors meeting at USA

Piyush Javeria, Head and Assistant Professor in Department of Computer Science Engineering & IT at Techno India NJR Institute of Technology (TINJRIT), Udaipur will be attending Board of Governors meeting of IEEE Computer Society to be held in Seattle, USA from 11th to 15th June 2012. IEEE is the largest professional body of engineers in the world. He was awarded with Certificate of Excellence for his work towards IEEE Computer Society by Dr. Sorel Reisman, President-IEEE CS.

Piyush Javeria | UdaipurBlog
Prof. Piyush Javeria

Piyush has been recently elected as Chair, IEEE Education Society India Council Newsletter & Website Committee and Vice Chair, IEEE Computer Society India Council Conference & Workshop Committee. He is also closely working with IEEE GOLD (Graduate Of Last Decade).

TINJRIT will be providing IEEE Computer Society Certifications on Software Foundations,   Software Development, Software Lifecycle Management and   Software Professional Practice at subsidised cost and will start with CDSA certifications also.

He will be meeting Professors of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and discuss further roll out of iCarnegie curriculum at TINJRIT powered by CMU.

He will also be visiting Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Carnegie Mellon University, California State University, California Institute of Technology, San Jose State University, University of California, Berkeley and George Washington University in US.

He will be visiting Smithsonian and their collection of Computing machines, Computer History Museum and also meeting officials of Computing Research Association (CRA) and IEEE Computer Society at Washington DC.

He shall also be visiting Sheffield Hallam University, UK and delivering module for summer semester students. He will be attending Software Experts Summit 2012 on June 26 to be held at London by IEEE Computer Society and British Computer Society (BCS).

We wish him all the very best for his efforts and journey.


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Techno NJR to host NJineeRs 2012: an Inter College Fest

Techno India NJR, one of the most reputed institutes of the city, is all geared up to host an inter college technical fest ‘N-JineeRs 2012’, the first ever of its kind, among the different engineering colleges of Udaipur. This will be a two day fest commencing from Feb 28 to Feb 29, 2012. The fest is organized by the IEEE-Computer Society Student Chapter of Techno India NJR. The fest includes various Technical and Fun events which are followed up by exciting prizes. It’s not over yet; the fest has more to deliver with a powerful performance by the rock band ‘Devine Legacy’, and an inter college cultural event consisting of solo and group dance competitions and many more performances by the students of TINJRIT and other colleges.


The chief organizers of this event, Jeseeka Mehta and Ajay Porwal, in a short conversation informed that there are 10 main events, out of which some are Technical and some Fun events. Technical events include Elektro (Robotics), Paradox (Technical Quiz), Utopia (Graphic Designing), JCDB (Java and C Debugging), Tangle (Aptitude Skills) and N-Web (Web Designing). Events like Artistry (Poster Making), Spunky (e-Gaming), Scrap-up (Best out of Waste) and Megapixel (Photography) are categorized under Fun events.

Other on the spot events like Rangoli Making, Soap Smith, Face Painting, Sketching, Ad Making and JAM are also included.

Piyush Javeria, the faculty co-ordinator said that the highlight of this event will be the performance by Udaipur’s Rock Band, ‘Devine Legacy’. The band has already gained appreciable fame in a short span of time and is currently, the talk of the town. There will be other cultural performances as well, including the inter college dance competitions, for which applications and enquiries are invited at the college campus. Students can take part in multiple events with a one time fee of just Rs. 100/- per head.

Participants can register for the event at and can also find more information regarding the event. On the spot registration facility also available for students on 28th of February. For real time updates, you can follow ‘N-JineeRs’ on facebook and twitter. You can see a glimpse of the promotional video of the fest below



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COMNET – 2011 concluded successfully in Udaipur

We have made great advances in the field of softwares and engineering, but have a long way to go when it comes to make this planet a smarter planet to live in.

With the same motive, SIG-WNs (Division IV), Computer Society of India along with College of Technology and Engineering(Udaipur), The Institution of Engineers (India), ULC and Techno India NJR Institute of Technology (Udaipur) organized CoMNet 2011, an International Conference on Communication and Networks from 4th -6th December 2011 at Udaipur.

The Inaugural function was held on 4th December 2011, at AVP Hall, College of Technology and Engineering, Udaipur; at 12:30 p.m. The conference was honored by the presence of Prof. S. S. Chahal as the Chief Guest for the day, who stressed on the use of communication for the welfare of farmer community at large. Prof. Sorel Reisman, the guest speaker enlightened the participants about the various events and activities of IEEE Computer Society, and whole new ideas and experiences for a smarter planet. In his presidential address Mr. Satish Babu, President Elect-2012, CSI stressed on the use of open source software in the e-government applications. He also highlighted the role of communication and network research in the upliftment of the various segments of society. Guest of honor Sh. Ketan Bhatt, Vice President, Secure Meters Limited has shared the role of communication in electricity utility companies. He also shared the research going on in Secure Meters Limited.

In these three day event a total of 70 papers have been scheduled to be presented. These 70 papers have been selected after peer blind review out of 281 papers submitted by various author across the globe. The acceptance rate is 24.9%. Out of these, 50 papers have been recommended for publication in the International Journal of Computer Application, making the acceptance rate of 17.79%.

The papers are presented related to various areas including traffic profiling, security, e-health, sensor networks, ad-hoc network, energy efficient networks etc.

There was an International Workshop on free and open source softwares (IW-FOSS) and a press conference, both on 5th December at Techno India NJR institute of Technology with Dr.Gil Taran, CEO iCarnegie and Prof at Carnegie Mellon University and Dr. John Walz, President Elect-2012, IEEE Computer Society, both of them as the Guest Speakers. Chief Guest for the workshop was Prof. Sorel Reisman, president, IEEE Computer Society, and presidential guest Mr. Satish Babu. Prof Piyush Javeria was the workshop coordinator for the same.

After a span of eight technical sessions in the span of three days, the valedictory session of the conference was held today, the 6th December at 1:00 p.m. in AVP Hall, CTAE, Udaipur in the gracious presence of Sh. Hema Ram Choudhary, Hon’ble Minister Revenue, Colonization and Soldier Welfare, Government of Rajasthan, as the Chief Guest. Guest of honour for the day was Dr. John Watz, Dr. Gail Reisman and Sh. R.N. Mathur.

Here is an altogether glimpse of the COMNET below.

Special thanks: Drishti Soni, Er. Kalpana Jain, Heena Rathore, Prof. Piyush Javeria, Remya Ramesh, Upesh Bhatt.

COMNET Seminar Udaipur



Five day National Conference on Fundamentals of Radio Frequency Design concluded in Udaipur

Workshop on fundamentals of RF Design in Udaipur

A national conference on “ FUNDAMENTALS  OF  RF  DESIGN “ under the umbrella of International Workshop  on advancement Communication Technologies  and applications(IW-ACTA) in conjunction with International  Conference on Emerging Trends in  Networks and Computers Communication (ETNCC 2011) was held in TECHNO INDIA NJR INSTITUE OF TECHNOLOGY FROM 22nd April to 26th APRIL,2011.

A series of session were held in last 5 days which acknowledged students to all those areas of technology which were jargons to them.

The session began with an INTRODUCTION TO FUMDAMENTALS OF RF CIRCUITS AND DESIGNS, which was delivered by Dr. MITHILESH KUMAR, associate Prof., RTU Kota. Various areas such as microwave devices, RF applications, technology trends of wireless communications, etc were explained in detail by him.

In series to it a lecture on FUMDAMENTALS OF NETWORK ANALYSIS was also given by him. Since he involved a number of numerical during the session hence it widened the approach towards network analysis. A last session on FILTER DESIGN lead to end of the first day of the workshop.

After the first day session INAUGRAL  FUNCTION FOR IEEE student chapter was held and cultural event was being organized  for one of our special guest  Prof. Sorel  Reisman, President IEEE COMPUTER SOCEITY, USA and many more eminent dignitaries, where the IEEE chapter was declared open.

The second day commenced with the lecture on THEORY AND PROCESS ON MICRO STRIP COMPONENTS AND DESIGN by Dr. Madhur Deo Upadhyay, research scholar, at CARE IIT DELHI.

A practical session on puff and serenade at Madhuban City centre was held under the guidance of S.P.CHKARBORTY.Another part   began on 25th April- Monday, which included the introduction to MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) and COMSOL. Simultaneously practical sessions were held.

Under the guidance of  Mr. Jitendra Singh Rathore, Rwitjeet  Majumdar (faculty : mechanical department BITS PILANI), Rahul Ramchamdran ,Research  Scholar,  BITS, Pilani, and Deepak Krisnamurty, student  NNMDC, BITS Pilani, the students studied the stimulation of a bus bar. The last day session included many more practical examples on the same.

The session signed off with the valedictory function where the dignitaries from BITS PILANI addressed the students and distribution of Certificates was also held up. The event marked an edge and understanding to new technologies as a carrier prospect. With the hard work of all, the event was a great success.

Few glimpses of the event are as follows.

Workshop on fundamentals of RF Design in UdaipurWorkshop on fundamentals of RF Design in UdaipurWorkshop on fundamentals of RF Design in UdaipurWorkshop on fundamentals of RF Design in UdaipurWorkshop on fundamentals of RF Design in UdaipurWorkshop on fundamentals of RF Design in Udaipur—————————————————————-




ETNCC-2011: Closing Ceremony of the Intellectuals’ Meet

The 3 day international conference on the Emerging Trends in Networks and Computer Communications (ETNCC-2011) was concluded on 24th April 2011 in the Department of Computer Science, CTAE campus.

The Technical sessions were held on schedule from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. where the invited speaker Dr. Sunil Joshi from MPUAT, Udaipur discussed about the future research issues and challenges in the field of wireless broadband. He said that there is a great gap between the broadband standards of USA, Japan, and the standards of India. In India the speed above 256 Kbps is treated as broadband whereas in USA 100Mbps standard is treated as the broadband. The reason being that we are highly dependent on the wired technologies and networks.

ETNCC 2011 | presentation by Dr. Sunil Joshi
presentation by Dr. Sunil Joshi

He discussed various wired to wireless issues, and alternatives for the present scenario, and presented designs to expect a bandwidth of 1Gbps.

The valedictory session was held from 1:00 p.m. in the AVP Hall. The closing ceremony witnessed the presence of Chief Guest Prof. S.S. Chahal (Vice Chancellor MPUAT), Presiding Guest Prof. Sorel Reisman (President IEEE Computer Society USA), Guest of honor Mr. Sanjay Singhal (Group CEO, Secure Meters), Dr. Dharm Singh (Organizing Secretary and HOD Computer Science, CTAE), Er. R.S. Vyas (Director, Techno India NJR Institute of Technology), Dr. R.C. Purohit (Dean, CTAE), Dr. S.S. Rathore (Chairman, Udaipur local centre, IE (I)), Dr. Y.C. Bhatt (honorary secretary, IE(I)).

Students Welcoming Prof. S.S. Chahal at the entrance | ETNCC 2011
Students Welcoming Prof. S.S. Chahal at the entrance

The welcome address was given by Dr. S.S. Rathore where he welcomed all the delegates and praised the spirit of organizing committee for organizing such a great event. Dr. Dharm Singh gave the report and recommendation of the international conference. He told that during the 3 days and 17 technical sessions of the conference, about 517 entries were received, out of which 157 research papers were presented, and about 135 papers were accepted and sent to the IEEE digital library.

Er. Rakesh Sehgal, the director of department of Cyber Security from CDAC, Mohali expressed his kind gratitude and presented a few words of appreciation for the ETNCC. Er. R.S. Vyas expressed his dream of establishing Udaipur as the leading quality education hub. He said that the IEEE-CS students’ chapter was inaugurated in Techno India NJR on 22nd April at Udaipur, with registration of 80+ members. He re-declared his commitment to keep running more such programs and events in the near future.

Dr. R.C. Purohit welcomed all the delegates and participants. He said that taking MPUAT to the international scenario was not at all possible without the eminent guidance of Dr. Chahal. He also praised Er. R.S. Vyas, saying that his 3 years of efforts in Udaipur was greatly comparable to over 25 years of Mr. Purohit’s works.

Mr. Sanjay Singhal presented his views about the role of engineers as the key element in every society. He said that people have huge misconceptions about risks from any cause. Only an engineer is taught to and knows about all risks in his sphere of works. It is thus, an engineer’s duty to engage himself in analyzing the risks and conveying it to the society. He also said that the media is an important platform, and must not put all sort of nonsense to misguide people.

Prof. Sorel Reisman appreciated the conference, saying that the selection of more than 100 papers for the IEEE library shows that quality of the papers presented here were unquestionable. He said that India is a leading software producer in the world, and will soon come up as a leading technology exporter in the world. He was greatly impressed by the rich culture of Udaipur, the traditional food, visit to lakes and the Ranakpur temple. He said that this is not the end. Soon he will be holding online webinars with IEEE Udaipur students in the coming times.

Dr. S.S. Chahal said that computers in all forms have become an indispensable part of life. He also said that 70-75% of the population in India comes from villages. Therefore the modern technologies must also penetrate to the rural masses. Vote of thanks was given by Dr. Y.C. Bhatt.

Few glimpses of such a great brainstorming event are given below.

audience at etncc 2011

Guests of honor at ETNCC 2011
Guests of honor at ETNCC 2011
Welcoming Prof Chahal at ETNCC 2011
Welcoming Prof Chahal at ETNCC 2011
Dr. Bhatt Welcoming Prof Sorel at ETNCC 2011
Dr. Bhatt Welcoming Prof Sorel at ETNCC 2011
Dr. Dharm Singh giving the report at ETNCC 2011
Dr. Dharm Singh giving the report and recommendations at ETNCC 2011
Er. Rakesh Sehgal, Director, Cyber Security department, CDAC Mohali | ETNCC 2011
Er. Rakesh Sehgal, Director, Cyber Security department, CDAC Mohali
Er. R.S. Vyas, Director, Techno India NJR | ETNCC 2011
Er. R.S. Vyas, Director, Techno India NJR
Dr. R.C. Purohit, Dean, CTAE | ETNCC 2011
Dr. R.C. Purohit, Dean, CTAE
Mr. Sanjay Singhal, Group CEO Secure Meters| ETNCC 2011
Mr. Sanjay Singhal, Group CEO, Secure Meters
Prof. Sorel Reisman, President, IEEE Computer Society, USA | ETNCC 2011
Prof. Sorel Reisman, President, IEEE Computer Society, USA
Prof. S.S. Chahal, MPUAT, Udaipur | ETNCC 2011
Prof. S.S. Chahal, MPUAT, Udaipur
Dr. Dharm Singh presenting a souvenir to Prof. S.S. Chahal | ETNCC 2011
Dr. Dharm Singh presenting a souvenir to Prof. S.S. Chahal
Mr. Naveen Choudhary presenting a souvenir to Prof. Sorel Reisman | ETNCC 2011
Mr. Naveen Choudhary presenting a souvenir to Prof. Sorel Reisman
Er. R.S. Vyas presenting a souvenir to Mr. Sanjay Singhal | ETNCC 2011
Er. R.S. Vyas presenting a souvenir to Mr. Sanjay Singhal
Vote of Thanks by Dr. Y.C. Bhatt | ETNCC 2011
Vote of Thanks by Dr. Y.C. Bhatt
Prof. Sorel with Team of Volunteers and Participants from Techno India NJR Institute of Technology | ETNCC-2011
Prof. Sorel with Team of Volunteers and Participants from Techno India NJR Institute of Technology
Prof. Sorel with Team of Volunteers and Participants from CTAE | ETNCC-2011
Prof. Sorel with Team of Volunteers and Participants from CTAE

The Global Brainstorm began in Udaipur

Book Launch by the honourable guests at ETNCC-2011
Book Launch by the honourable guests at ETNCC-2011

The International Conference on emerging trends in networks and computer communications (ETNCC-2011) started on 22nd April 2011. The chief guest Prof. Sorel Reisman, President IEEE (USA) inaugurated the conference and in his keynote speech he emphasized on commercial usability of modern communication systems, discussed the establishment and needs for setting up of cloud computing standards. He also discussed the role and the activities of the IEEE Computer Society USA., and wished for connecting more and more emerging scientists and students with this network so that the public can be more and more benefited from it.

Er. G. Prabhakar, President, Institution of Engineers (India) (IEI) Kolkata discussed about the development made by the communication and mobile networks in past few decades. He said that to benefit the tribal section of south Rajasthan area, AMIE examination will soon be started in Udaipur.

Dr. V.R. Singh discussed the importance of such conferences and meetings, and encouraged the establishment of industries, and hence entrepreneurship instead of finding jobs, but to provide jobs to the young engineers. On the first day of conference, about 36 research papers were presented on various topics such as VLSI technology, Security Systems, wireless transmission media, etc. The conference will continue on 23rd and 24th April 2011 too.

Here are a few glimpses of the event that happened today. For the entire time table, click here

inaugral ceremony of ETNCC-2011
Inaugral Ceremony of ETNCC-2011

The Chief Guest Mr. Sorel
The Chief Guest Mr. Sorel addressing the Conference at ETNCC-2011

Emerging intellectuals presenting their research papers at ETNCC 2011
Emerging intellectuals presenting their research papers at ETNCC 2011

Brains from all around the Globe to gather in Udaipur

ETNCC-2011 to be held in Udaipur

The Institution of Engineers (India)Udaipur Local Centre is organising a 3 day International Conference on Emerging Trends in Networks and Computer Communications (ETNCC-2011) from April 22-24, 2011 in Udaipur. This conference is being organised under the aegis of Computer Engineering Division Board, The Institution of Engineers (India) and supported by World Federation of Engineering Organization, Division IV and Udaipur Chapter, Computer Society of India (CSI), Special Interest Group of Wireless Networks CSI, Special Interest Group of e-Agriculture CSI, College of Technology & Engineering, Udaipur and Techno India NJR Institute of Technology, Udaipur and Technically Co-Sponsored by IEEE Delhi Section.

ETNCC-2011 will target a wide spectrum of the state-of-the-art as well as emerging topics pertaining to wired and wireless networks, communications and computing.

The Organizing secretary Mr. Dharm Singh informed that the conference is anticipated to attract a large number of high quality submissions and stimulate the cutting edge research discussions among many academic pioneering researchers, scientists, industrial engineers, students from all around the world and provide a forum to researchers on the above mentioned topics. The conference will include as many as about 300 national and about 50 international participants from countries like USA, Canada, UK, Taiwan, Tokyo (Japan), Austrailia, etc. Few of the honourable delegates joining this event are Prof. Sorel Reisman, 2011 President- IEEE Computer Society USA, Prof. MNS Swamy, Concordia University, Canada, Dr. V R Singh, Chairman, IEEE Delhi Section, etc

For a Time Schedule of the events to happen during the conference, Click Here