8 days, 5000 clicks, several videos: ‘A SUMMER IN UDAIPUR’

Udaipur is like a peaceful dream; a place called the City of Lakes amidst the land of sand, a city against all the odds. The very soul of the city was captured in a recent video clip named ‘A SUMMER IN UDAIPUR.’ It is the first of its kind video of Udaipur. It is a short clip of 3 minutes and 41 seconds delineating an arousing story of the city.

A mesh of inventive ideas, striking visuals, seamless editing, and the comforting soundtrack is what ‘A Summer in Udaipur’ is all about.


The sound of chirruping birds, people talking, the waves of the lakes and grandeur of the royalty of the city; A Summer in Udaipur expresses how beautiful can a place look even in the most parched and dried state of India. The city indeed is shown as a masterwork by the hands of nature. The video starts with a glimpse of a typical Rajasthani couple riding a bike. As the video finds its course, one can witness an immense aesthetic appeal. The soundtrack of the clip makes it all the more surreal. The video concludes on a quick note, leaving a mystical essence that compels the onlooker to press play again.

The Man Behind A SUMMER IN UDAIPUR- Ayush Dinker

The young and talented Ayush Dinker from Delhi is the artist behind the appealing and involving short clip shot on a trip through Udaipur and completed over the course of a month. He also runs a youtube channel named ‘Ethereal.’ Ayush traveled for more than a week through every nook and corner of the city along with UdaipurBlog’s Team from the morning before the dawn till evening, while working on this project.

A Still From The Video

The footage of ‘A SUMMER IN UDAIPUR’ was captured with a GoPro, Canon 6D Camera, Flycam Stabilizer, a microphone and three different lenses. The stills for the hyper lapses were shot handheld. The video is a mixture of match edits, in-camera effects, some hyper lapses, compositing shots and small video clips. Crash zooms, back-time cuts, picture inverses and light effects were also added to add a dramatic touch between the cuts. The real challenge was of stitching all these shots together while maintaining a fluid movement of the footage.

Nearly 5000 clicks and numerous clips and hyper lapses were taken during Ayush’s visit to the city of lakes. He traveled with our teammates to various parts of the city covering every little detail. Facing some troubles too, the video came out to be a spectacular one.

As per Ayush, whenever he used to hear about Rajasthan, he would think of some of the obvious places and the sweeping desert. He perceived Udaipur to be a small city which he knew less about.A SUMMER IN UDAIPUR

He further expresses his sight of the city as, in his words, “The moment I sat down beside Lake Pichola on a summer evening, I knew this place is beautiful with a flavor unmatched in this world. The vast expanse of a number of lakes and the magnificent palaces huddled with narrow city lanes is a synthesis to make you a guest here. No doubt the hotels are soaring high for the best view. Whether the city has any more romance left is for you to conclude.”

The video has achieved soaring views of about 250k on Facebook alone and is still a trending video in Udaipur.

A visually compelling masterpiece takes time, patience, dedication, talent, creative vision, and a lot of hard work. ‘A Summer in Udaipur’ can indeed elevate your senses and make you love your city even more. Have a look at the video 

An initiative by UdaipurBlog in collaboration with Ethereal.