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Our city has a new budding entrepreneur who has come into social entrepreneurship with her idea of Chics Connect. The name itself is so exciting that you will definitely get curious. So what is Chics Connect ? Whether you are travelling to another city or you are in your own city, if you want to meet new girls and want to hangout, have fun or collaborate for business you have an APP which is called Chics Connect. The possibilities of making simple connections ending up in life-time friendships to valuable professional connections ending up in collaborations using Chics Connect are immense.

Chics Connect

Chics Connect aims to break the patterns & help create a better world by letting women folk connect with each other like never before. Horizons of their mental & emotional perspectives grow wider & comfort zones shrink with every new connection. It is similar to connecting the dots & accessing the larger picture – You let loose and let life surprise you with all the pros of connecting with fellow women. Every connection is a revolution in making. We wish to empower girls to spread their wings & fly out of the cage of their pre-defined limits and meet new companions, building inspiring and lasting relationships.

Hurratul has recently started with her CrowdFunding campaign to support app development and marketing of the idea and she is looking for support  from our city people to crowd fund her. She is going to The Angel Summit happening in Delhi on 7th May and she will make Udaipur proud. We wish her all the best and hope she wins it. So guys let us come together and help her to achieve this.

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