Ever Wondered Why Pichola Is Called Pichola?-The Hidden Reasons Behind The Names Of Our Lakes!

Know The Story Behind The Names Of Our Lakes!

Udaipur is famous for its lakes and the scenic beauty these lakes hold. But have you ever wondered by these lakes are called by the names they have? Let us find out the hidden reasons behind the names of our lakes.

Fatehsagar Lakeudaipur

Fatehsagar or FS is one favorite lake of the people of Udaipur. The reason why the lake is called Fatehsagar is here. In 1687, Maharana Jai Singh constructed the lake, but after two hundred years the earthen pit which formed the lake was washed away during floods in Udaipur.

Then in 1889, Maharana Fateh Singh built the “Connaught Dam,” the one which we cross before the Dewali area, to mark the visit of King of Connaught. The dam enlarged the lake, and it was later renamed after the King as Fateh Sagar Lake.

Pichola Lakeudaipur

Lake Pichola has an unmatched view. Most of the luxurious hotels are in this area and give a panoramic view of the City Palace. Pichola is an artificial freshwater lake and has two legends behind its unusual name.

One, it was created in the year 1362 AD and is named after the nearby Picholi village. It was enlarged by Maharana Udai Singh II, by flooding Picholi village, which gave the lake its name.

Two, in 1362, the beautiful lake was built by Pichhu Banjara during the ruling period of Maharana Lakha, after whom the lake is named as ‘Pichola.’

Isn’t this interesting!!!

Badi Lakeudaipur

Why the lake has the name as ‘Badi’ has two legends again!

First, because it is near the village called Badi.

Second, as it’s also known as Jiyan Sagar, it was named after Jana Devi.  She was the mother of Maharana Raj Singh who built the lake Badi.

Jaisamand Lakeudaipur

The Maharana following his father (Maharana Raj Singh I who built Rajsamand Lake) created the lake Jaisamand.

He did it by damming a small river, the Gomati, and building a massive embankment. Jai Singh named this lake Jaisamand after himself. The meaning of the name is supposed to be ‘Ocean of Victory’ (Jai- His name and ‘mand’ meaning ‘ocean’). The lake is also known as Dhebar Lake and is India’s second-largest artificial lake.

Udai Sagar Lakeudaipur

It has a simple story; in 1559, Maharana Udai Singh constructed a dam on Berach River to make sure that his kingdom has an adequate supply of water. Udai Sagar Lake was developed as an outcome of this dam and is named after the king who built it.

Swaroop Sagar Lakeudaipur

Swaroop Sagar is an artificial lake.  Swaroop Sagar Lake was built by Maharana Swaroop Singh (1842-1861) after whom the lake is named as Swaroop Sagar.

The lake is also known as Kumhariya Talab, which serves as the connecting body between Lake Fateh Sagar and Pichola. It was built to avoid flood situations in the city and maintain a high water level in the adjoining lakes.