Hey! Happy Friendship Day Guys…

friendship day udaipur

Today morning I woke up from the bed, and found about 20-30 unread messages in my inbox. So what’s so special about the day? I guess nothing much special, as if it would have been any special day, there would be no messages at all due to telecom companies charging more money per message. Still I opened my inbox, checked the messages, and recalled, “Damn! This is the first Sunday of August. How did I forget?”

So what’s there too special about the first Sunday? Yes of course it’s the friendship day. Time to greet friends, plan great stuffs, parties, hangouts, gifting them, friendship bands, movies, and all the celebration. So this is not only a story of mine, but probably all of yours. So what are you doing today? What can be the possible plans?

Okay starting with a day plan with a good movie with friends, a good party can be thrown in the evening at any good location, or even at residence. Or we can also have the option to join few friendship day parties being organized for the public. All you need is to just get the passes and take your masti gang to the venue.

The other plan can be to have a day out plan till late evening to any cool location, badi, nandeshwar ji, thoor ki paal, and many more, and having the spirit of an udaipie, as a regular custom, end the hangout ceremony with a kulfi or bread pakoda at fateh sagar. A coffee at Vinod Ji Fatehsagar can also be a good option indeed. And surprisingly, if you find any rock show being performed at the Fatehsagar paal, don’t be confused, they too are friends amongst us, taking initiative to befriend the nature.

Or the day could also be spent by having a burger at McDonald’s, and window shopping, or some serious shopping for the day.

So I have recited ample of plans for the rocking day. All you can do is pick up a good one which suits you out of these, or create some new idea to celebrate the day. If you have a better one, do share it here. So take your time to plan out, meanwhile I would like to leave, as I have to wish and apologies everyone for forgetting the day, and plan out something cool too.

And yeah ofcourse, I on behalf of Team would also like to extend my heartiest greetings on this occasion of the wonderful day.