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Jaisamand Lake: An Awesome Option for this Weekend

It’s a weekend again. Our favorite SUNDAY is here again and a rocking plan for spending a happening weekend “Banta Hai Boss”. After a week full of hard work, tensions, classes and pressure of completing our targets we all need a day full of fun with friends and family. The soaring high temperature which is increasing day by day makes me think of spending my weekend at a place that can make me forget the uneasiness caused by this heat.

Jaisamand Hangout

So, Udaipies this week’s hangout option is JAISAMAND LAKE. Just 48 kilometers away from Lakecity, one can easily reach the second largest manmade lake of Asia for spending a rocking holiday. Built by Maharana Jai Singh in 1685, Jaisamand, also known as Dhebar Lake came into existence while constructing a dam on Gomti River. Besides enjoying the scenic beauty of the place you also have the advantage of enjoying the amazing backdrop of the lake which consists of a summer palace of Udaipur Queens.

Well, as we can’t visit an island in a day but Jaisamand fulfills the desire of island lovers too as it comprises of not one but seven islands. And now my favourite part, the lake has graceful marble steps which will take you to the journey of heaven when your feet will touch the lake water. At the top of the stairs is a Shiv temple for religious people. Yes, the same that showed up in the serial “Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai”. You can enjoy boat ride in the calm waters of the lake too, and have your lunch at the island resort. Wow, the hunch is adrenaline rush for itself. If you plan packing your own home made lunch for the family picnic, do have it at the “chhatris”(shade), but yes again, beware of the monkeys. They are quite professional beggars for food and irritating enough.

Jaisaman Hangout

But wait, there’s is one more thing to be added in the “to visit” list which is the sanctuary near the lake. Yes, the place also serves the interest of nature and animal lovers; the lake has a sanctuary nearby that inhabitates different species of flora and fauna.

So, Udaipies what you all are waiting for just pack in your stuff and set off to actually personify the pleasures I just mentioned. Happy Weekend To all, and don’t forget to share your weekend experience with us. 🙂

Places to Visit

Hangout Plan for the Weekend: The Celebration Mall

Hello everyone! Udaipur is enjoying its first showers and every face is freshened up in the drizzle of monsoon. Blazing red hot sun has surrendered in front of dense clouds who have taken over the empire of sky. It’s time to celebrate the arrival of monsoons and weekend Udaipies.

So how about a visit to The Celebration Mall this weekend? Here you have lots of points that will suit your interests.

Shopping works as the best stress buster for everyone (especially women). So what are you waiting for? Celebration Mall entertains you with outlets of so many brands. And if you are not a brand freak, then too there are many other options available. Check out the latest monsoon collection and rejoice yourself with new clothes, apparels and accessories. If you don’t want to lighten up your pockets, then too you can kill your stress by window shopping.

For book lovers, Crossword is the cake of the day. You can scan the book store for a nice novel and gift it to yourself or your friend or family member. After a shopping session, you can enjoy burgers at McDonald’s or order some snacks at Nirula’s or Easy Day. And then dive in the melody of yummm.

Now it’s movie time. Rowdy Rathore, starring Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha, is the best of all, full on paisa wasool, Bollywood masala movie, garnished with spices of romance, comedy and action. It will entertain every age group. You can also opt for newly released Shanghai with Abhay Deol, Emraan Hashmi and Kalki in the lead roles or you can go for Hollywood stuff like Prometheus (3D), MIB, animation lovers can go for Madagascar 3 (3D), Snow White and the Hunts, etc. As Movies are less fun without something to pop inside your mouth, so don’t forget to give yourself a treat of popcorns and cold drinks.

Celebration Mall photo | UdaipurBlog

Our busy schedules have left us with little time to share few words with family. A chit chat holding a cup of coffee in CCD is the best time to discuss your joys and sorrows, achievements and aspirations, dreams and desires with family members. After all “A lot can happen over a coffee!” 😉

Happy weekend Udaipies! 😀 Enjoy to the fullest and don’t forget to share the wonderful moments of your weekend with us.


Photo Courtesy: Mujtaba RG

Places to Visit

Hangout Plan for the Weekend: Doodh Talai

Be it a school going child or a working man or woman, a college student or a housewife, everyone desperately waits for the upcoming Sunday, from the parting Sunday night itself. Weekend is the time to refresh yourself from a long tiring week and fill yourself up with new energy for a new working week; 2 days to hang out with friends, plan an outing with family and sensationalize your taste buds with delicious cuisines.

Hmmm I know, you must have already started thinking of a weekend plan in its greatest pace but this boiling heat would have put a brake on every plan of yours. But but but “When UB is here, there is nothing to fear”. These 3 years of my college life has made me a graduate in making hang out plans be it summers, winters or monsoon. So we’ll be helping you out for few upcoming weekends with ‘hang out plans’, recipes of some appetizing dishes, and restaurants in the city where to dine with your friends and family, and lots more.

This weekend let’s plan an outing at “Doodh Talai”, popularly named as DT among youngsters. It is at the Pal of Lake Pichola that will soothe you with its calm waters. It’s the place of beautiful gardens, the lush greenery of which will keep you cool despite the rising mercury outside. Be it a hangout plan with your friends, or to spend time with your family, there’s the perfect location and the perfect plan.

You can spend your afternoon in the various gardens of DT like DD Park or Deen Dayal Park and Manikya Lal Verma Park. Put a Reverse Gear in your age and start playing all those games you used to play in your childhood like Pakdam Pakdai, Hide and Seek, Vish Amrit, Nadi Pahad, and many more. You can even play Cards or any board games like Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, Business, Monopoly or the best of all times Antakshari. And I can bet there won’t be a pinch of stress left inside your mind after playing these games. There is also a Love Garden made especially for the love birds in the city but let me warn you – It’s Sunday, a family day. So if you are planning for Love Garden then just plan it on a weekday. 😉

Next in line to visit is Karni Mata Temple by Ropeway. You are sure to enjoy this Ropeway Ride. You can even enjoy over snacks in the Restaurant made over the hilltop. On returning back, you can sip your evening Tea, ek kadak adarak wali chai, at the Pal of Lake Pichola. As the sun sets down behind the scene, you can enjoy Jungle Safari Ride or a Boat Ride in Lake Pichola, capturing the panoramic view of sunset in the Lake.

Doodh Talai | UdaipurBlog
Pichola-Doodh Talai | View from Karni Mata | Image Credits: Deepankshi Chittora

There is also a Musical Fountain Show that plays in DD Park after sunset. You can breathe the scent of water and feel the splashes on your face while tapping your feet and watching the streams of water going up and down and changing its color on the beats of music.

At the end of the day, you can enjoy dinner in your favorite restaurant (PS: If you don’t have a fixed/favourite, There are too many of them nearby), chatting and laughing over the table. Your favorite ice cream scoop will make a perfect ending of a perfect weekend. Take as many photos as you can while posing wildly and stupidly at the camera. Months later, these snaps will help you recollect those golden moments.

Now there will be no more Monday Blues, but only an energetic start of a new week. Wishing you a Happy Sunday and a Happy Week ahead. 🙂

Food News

Cafe’ Rocks: A new Exciting Destination to open on 19th August

Cafe Rocks logo

Today I will take you on a journey to a perfect lounge where you can enjoy with your friends having your favorite fast food, or you can chat with special someone over a cup of coffee, or spend a leisure time listening music and reading your favorite novel. You can even complete your office presentation or your college records and school projects in a peaceful environment as here you can find free Wi-Fi facility, as well as healthy environment and food. It’s Café Rocks, completely according to its name, always rocking. And the long wait has come to an end with the café opening on 19th August at 4A, Ashok Nagar Main Road.

Here you will find a perfect environment that will uplift your mood and the aroma in the air will relieve you from the very tensions of life. The royal architecture and interior designing of the place will surely attract you. Yummy pizzas and sandwiches are there in front of you to sensitize your taste buds and you can’t stop yourself from gulping them down. Your date will be perfect when it will end with the desserts. And most of all, its specialty-coffees will make you forget all other Cafes.

Still worried about something?? Oh I got that. Relax you need not worry about your budget as Café Rocks befriends your pocket very easily whether you are a college student, a housewife or a high profile businessman.

So the next time when you are planning to give a birthday treat, or throwing your anniversary party, or want to have a get together with friends, a romantic date, or even a business meeting, switch on for Café Rocks and you will always memorize and cherish those special moments.

Meanwhile take a glimpse at the new destination in Udaipur, opening on 19th August.

Cafe Rocks-UdaipurBlog

Cafe Rocks-UdaipurBlog

Cafe Rocks-UdaipurBlog

Cafe Rocks-UdaipurBlog

Cafe Rocks-UdaipurBlog

Cafe Rocks-UdaipurBlog

Cafe Rocks-UdaipurBlog