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“Haunted” Places In And Around Udaipur

The other beauty of Udaipur

It is widely believed that violent deaths leave everlasting imprints on the places they occurred. Violence is a crime that never leaves its spectators in peace, imagine what it does upon whom it was inflicted. Places that have the most scenic beauty in the day, manage to look scariest at night. Or maybe it’s how people perceive beauty. It’s really the difference in judgment that makes someone haunted or just a soul desperate for help. Judge for yourselves as you read about the “haunted” places in Udaipur.

Udaipur is at peak of the list that holds the names of the world’s most beautiful cities. It’s not just beautiful, it’s ridden with rumors about horrors of the dark. When the black ink splashes across the sky and the moon has circled to its throne, the night lets out a fierce breath, as a representation of what frightens mere mortals.  

Sajjangarh Fort (The monsoon palace)

Forts have a way of becoming absorptive as they live for centuries. They start to drink all that happens inside their walls, as is called its history. The underground level of the fort is said to be one of the haunted places of Udaipur. Now, it’s kept locked after complaints arising from an unknown presence that people felt while exploring the stories of this palace. How ironic, as this palace was constructed for the sole purpose of rejoicing in nature.

Chittorgarh Fort

This particular fort has screams of women flowing through its walls. The heat still arises from that depression in the floor where 700 women jumped in the protection of their honor. Folks believe that Devi Padmini still roams within these halls. It truly has the most terrifying story of women fighting for their honor. Be careful as you go in, you might get the realization of the force of nature.

Gulab Bagh

The thing that is in abundance here is breathable air. You might need it more, as you walk in these gardens at night thinking about its history of painful exorcisms. It’s said that some of the worshipping places nearby Gulab Bagh performed exorcisms on possessed people. As the entity is forced out of a human, it looked for another living flesh to take over. Wander here at night, if the mind has been too quiet a while.

gulab bagh, udaipur

Chandani Village

23 km away from Udaipur, Chandani Village echoes with the pains of a woman who roams around crying when the earth has circled away from the warmth of the sun. The villagers have often warned people to stay away as this woman is too difficult to understand. This village has a river flowing through it and the scenery is exceedingly magical. Visit, if you miss the beauty of the wilderness.

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Bedla Mata Temple

According to the locals and local tales, it’s a belief that when you enter the miraculous cave where the Goddess is said to draw away evil spirits, you will be asked not to look back. If you do, all the spirits left there might cling to you. Follow the rules if you must. The temptation will prove to be unwise. Visit if you are not too tempted.

Source: worldorg

Natni ka Chabutra

There was a woman who was challenged by Maharana Jawan Singh. She was told that if she walked on the rope tied from one end of the lake to another, the King would grant her half of his kingdom. She was gifted at walking on ropes. As she was about to be victorious, the King ordered to cut the rope from his end. She fell and succumbed to death in the lake, but not before placing a curse on the royalty. It’s often said that, when a human dies with revenge in their heart, they never leave. It’s believed that the rope-walking woman still lingers in the lake that drowned her. 

NH 79 Ajmer

The legend is, this highway from Udaipur has witnessed such cruelty, that it’s made home to a spirit of a woman crying for help while carrying her dead child. According to the lore, the woman was running from the villagers who had decided to throw her child into the bounds of marriage. She was against it and ran towards the open road. Both she and her child died after meeting with an accident that night. 

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A few roads that locals believe are haunted – Rani Road and the road adjacent to the Badi Lake – are both said to be lodgings to strange presences. From midnight until the arrival of dawn, vehicles stop mysteriously for a minute or two before starting up again. 

Lakes are indeed deeper than they look. Udaipur is rich in its history and even richer in its hauntings. The pretty town that believes that its ghosts are wailing. Do visit Udaipur if you haven’t yet. 


Are these places in Udaipur haunted?

While all of us have grown listening about the beautiful places and rich culture of Udaipur, there are some places which have some inexplicable stories associated with them. People from Udaipur have witnessed some weird incidents and claims that the place consists of some paranormal activities.

Let us see what these places are and what kind of activities and stories people claim there to be –

Natni ka Chabutra 


Are these places in Udaipur haunted?
Picture by: Siddharth Nagar

Legend says that once upon a time there was a king named Maharana Jawan Singh, in city palace who assured a Natni (tightrope walker who performs various dance and activities on a rope in the air) that he would gift her half of his kingdom if she will cross the rope tied from a village on the west bank of the lake to the City Palace on the east bank. Just when she was about to finish it, the fearful king ordered to cut the rope and the Natni drowned and died in the water. Just before she died she cursed the Maharana’s family. Since then, the place is said to be haunted and no one is allowed to go there.


Old city 

Are these places in Udaipur haunted?
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Apart from its rich heritage sites and colorful streets, it is also said to be the home of some inexplicable energies that prove their existence in nights. Some of the residents claim that they’ve heard and experienced something paranormal in this place. This area is said to be between Tibetan market to Jagdish temple. It is said that the kings and their kingdom who lived here once upon a time still roam around the area to ensure the safety of the place.


Bedla mata

Are these places in Udaipur haunted?
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Bedla Mata is a Hindu temple situated at Bedla road in Udaipur. It is said that the goddess of this temple takes away the ghost of people when you visit the temple and do some ritual which is to go under a shallow cave made of stones for three times. It is also said that when you return from the temple, do not look back and if you do all the ghosts that people left there will come right behind you. Scared already?


Badi Lake 

There are so many Udaipurites who have different ghost stories when it comes to Badi Lake. Well, I will start with one. There was this group of 4-5 people who were on a night out and went to Badi Lake. When they were returning from there at some time around 10:00 pm, they heard a loud voice and at that very instant when they looked on the road, some unrecognizable figure crossed the road.

While night outs are all fun and frolic, such incidents make us think about it again.

Watch this viral video of Badi where a ghost was encountered.



Are these places in Udaipur haunted?
Picture by: Asrar Ahmed

Fatehsagar is one of the most popular lakes not only in Udaipur but all around the country. Its beauty attracts all the local people of the city as well as tourists from all around the world but ever heard that its water invites death?

There is a saying which is spread all across the city that when the first heavy rain of monsoon touches and fill the water of Lake Fatehsagar, it invites one death. People say that whoever swimming in the water of Lake Fatehsagar after heavy rains get pulled by some energy inside the water and don’t let them swim across the surface causing death.


It might be possible that you and I won’t believe it but the people who have suffered such incident will only know the horror of it. If you are one of these people who has encountered such strange activities in the town, share your experience with us in the comments section.

And until then be safe.