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“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.”- Colin Powell

One such dream is to have the best education from across the globe. Many students have the dream of studying abroad, which brings along certain myths and as a result, they eventually drop the idea and let their dream stay as it is.

To become a part of glorifying universities, all you need is a will-power and a bit of dedicated efforts to make your dreams come true. How about someone who is always there to help you with your entire studying abroad process and turn this dream into a reality?

Gateway International is the one-stop solution for all the people who wish to study abroad.  Gateway International has cleared the air of all the myths which people carry in their minds about studying abroad. It has literally brought the idea of ‘study abroad’ to the doorstep of students who thought studying abroad was impossible

Gateway International has a bunch of energetic people who are pro-active in finding the right universities or assisting the students for visa and accommodation. Gateway International is a solution-oriented company which provides a multi-directional approach towards the career of the students. The team at Gateway International makes it easy for students to choose the right career path from the available options that their journey becomes even smoother.

Why you should ‘Study Abroad’?

Now for the people who ask why one should study abroad, Gateway International has some concrete answers in their bag. There are various reasons which favor ‘Study abroad’. Before deciding anything, let’s have a look.

  • More Practical Knowledge The basic course structure in foreign universities involves more practical knowledge which is much needed for a person to actually understand how the real world works. Studying modules which involves hands-on experience about the required skills helps the students understand the concept and its practical applications.
  • Exposure to different cultures Studying in a different country allows a student to expand his/her knowledge amongst a variety of cultures, customs, and festivals. Meeting, greeting and befriending making friends with people who are from different parts of the world brings out those traits in their personality which even they don’t expect.
  • Because it’s affordable – It is the first point that bothers the students and the parents, whenever they think of studying abroad. The chance of studying abroad is affordable with institutions charging low tuition fee and offering scholarships to international students. In fact, Germany has some of the best universities for engineering and marketing and they charge no tuition fee!
  • Single or No Entrance Exam – Lot many times students don’t have to clear any exam, depending upon the academic profile and their English language proficiency. Those with above-average or rich academic profile can get enrolled in any university of the world without a need to appear in any entrance test. Isn’t that amazing?
  • Earning and Traveling hand-in-hand – When students are studying in a foreign country, they get a legal opportunity to work part-time while studying. With part-time jobs, one can earn pretty well to sustain as well as to travel. Also, the paid internships offered in the course will make them independent. The student visa stamp which they get on their passport, give them the wings to travel in the countries they want. For example, if a student studies in a European country, he/she gets the Schengen Visa, which gives him/her the access to travel to 26 countries without a tourist visa!!
  • Gain a Global Mindset – Living in a different country, meeting various kinds of people and getting the practical knowledge allows a student to know the developing world better and help them to gain a mindset which is far ahead of time.
  • Adds Spice to your Life – Travelling makes a person bold and creative. It gives an individual a bundle of most exotic and thrilling stories to share with his family and friends.
  • Opportunity to Settle in any Country – Countries like Canada, Australia, and all European nations offer permanent residency. If a student gets employed in a foreign country and stays for some years, he/she can become a proud Permanent Resident. In fact, anyone can become a permanent resident of Canada in just 6 months.

 So, let’s make your every dream come true because life is too short to live with regrets. Explore the world while you study.

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