Fitness Challenge Event by Forum Celebration Mall Tested Shoppers’ Strength

Fitness, looking at the modern lifestyle, is a necessity and not a luxury. And just like any other part of our daily chores activities related to fitness should be incorporated into our lifestyle too.

Purple Run by Forum Celebration Mall took a whopping initiative to spread awareness about fitness being an integral part of our day. Purple Run is an upcoming event that is planned to be Udaipur’s biggest running event to spread awareness about Alzheimer’s disease. With 6 other malls across the country, this year Purple Run is set to elevate its magnitude on 30th September 2018.

One of the pre-events of Purple Run, Fitness Challenge Event was held on 25th August 2018. Spreading awareness about Alzheimer’s is the main motive for the event. However, with the current pattern of lifestyle, another major motto was introduced to the shoppers – to make fitness a prime part of their lives.

The event achieved an appreciable éclat when a myriad of shoppers participated and marked the beginning of bringing fitness routine into their lives. In association with Healthline Fitness Studio and SADA dance academy, all the active participants were put forth a number of fitness challenges by the trainers from Healthline Fitness Studio. These challenges involved squat challenge, pushup challenge, battle rope challenge, tire flip challenge, cone stacking challenge and a lot more.

In this way, the participants’ fitness status was tested and not just this but people who were commendable in these challenges were awarded some exciting gift hampers too.

When we talk about fitness, most of us find it difficult and a bit tedious to practice it on a daily basis. And so, some interesting and fun laden ways were introduced to the shoppers. SADA Dance academy performed some exciting exercises in their dance moves of Zumba workout for those who want some unconventional methods to achieve fitness.

In case you have missed it and want to get another chance to become a part of the magnanimous event, do not worry, another pre-event of Purple Run is awaiting you which is to be conducted on 1st September 2018 followed by the main event on 30th September 2018.

Brace yourself to be the part of Udaipur’s Biggest Running event!

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