First time in Udaipur- Nature Literature Fest at Bird Festival 2019

For the first time in Udaipur, a Nature Literature Fest will be organized in the city. The Forest Department has been organizing Bird Festival in Udaipur from last 4 years and this year will be their fifth bird festival. The festival will start from January 18 till January 20, 2019. Many aboriginal species of birds can be found in our region. Also, a lot of migratory birds fly to Mewar in the winter season which becomes an amazing site for bird watchers. The festival aims at educating people about the types of birds present in the Mewar Region.

The first day of the Bird Festival 2019 will have a very special, unique and first-time-in-Udaipur addition- The ‘Nature Literature Festival’.

Nature Literature Fest at Bird Festival 2019
Source: Rajasthan tourism beat

The Nature Literature Festival will have books and literature related to the birds, published by eminent ornithologists. These books will have information about the nature, conservation, and habitats of birds. There will be present many writers and lecturers who shall be enlightening the masses about birds and their preservation. Nature Literature Festival will start at 2 pm on the first day (19th Jan) and will be concluding by evening.

The Bird Festival 2019 will commence at Golden Park in Sisarma, where students, volunteers, nature lovers, bird lovers, and forest department officials and employees will be present.

There will also be book stalls for bird watchers and enthusiasts who want to read about avian species.

Nature Literature Fest at Bird Festival 2019
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If you are a bird lover, then you must visit the Bird Festival 2019.

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