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“Every smile makes you a day younger,” that’s how a Chinese proverb has described the importance of a smile.

But do we really care about the most precious thing that we have on our face? The answer would be 3 yes out of 10.

In today’s life, with the busy schedules and improper eating not only the health is affecting but our teeth too. Teeth and smile are correlated to each other and fill up the highest positive emotional content that we require the most.




According to a survey, 58% of men notice woman’s teeth rather than physique. And, one more survey revealed that 73% of people are attracted towards a beautiful smile and look for the good oral habits in their ideal partner. So, it is quite essential to flaunt your smile with the perfect teeth.

The gaps between teeth, yellow smile or misalignment are not at all preferable in today’s lifestyle. Bad teeth, discoloration, and poor oral hygiene can be an indicator of excessive drinking or tobacco use and can turn out your persona in front of others as a lazy person. Moreover to that, some people do have the myth that misaligned teeth are a sign of goodness which is probably wrong as healthier smile makes you look more happening and photo ready for the special captures. So, it is must to overcome all these problems through “Cosmetic Dentistry” an exclusive dental treatment at “Dental Plus”- one of dental clinic in Udaipur with the pleased and satisfied clients in the city.Dental Plus Logo

Now, there would be a question that arises what the term of cosmetic dentistry is? And is it safe for all or just happens like the routine dental treatment! In simple terms, if we take a look to it, dentistry is not about just the root canal or relieving the pain of gums and tooth. It is much broader concept than anyone can think.

Cosmetic Dentistry is not just the dental science; it’s an art that sounds easy enough yet little complicated. It is an effective lifelong treatment to give you the natural smile that goes down well with your skin tone and lip color. To practice and master in cosmetic dentistry treatment, one should know that there are many included in it like bleaching, bonding, & veneers that can help teeth look brighter and stunning.




Many of the people don’t know that celebrity like Hrithik Roshan also had cosmetic veneers before shooting Dhoom 3 which was a blockbuster. Therefore, we can say that a smile is necessary when it comes to having a personified effect.


Dr. Pulkit Chaturvedi
Dr. Pulkit Chaturvedi




According to Dr. Pulkit Chaturvedi (Masters in Dental Surgery), among the dentists in Udaipur, an active expert researcher on various dental interests, and a Member of Indian Association of Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry reveals that cosmetic excellence is something that is preferable for all. It is an upcoming trend and field which require precise skills to give a better smile on the faces. As a professional, he loves to create beautiful holistic smiles and expert that has given the gift of flawless teeth with the cosmetic treatment.


Dental Plus Clinic
Dental Plus Clinic

So, if you do have the inferiority complex to show off your teeth and mostly seen to be in the pictures with dull closed lips smile? Then, give it a turn around with Dental PlusA Multi speciality Dental Centre in Udaipur who is a host of various preventive, cosmetic, and rehabilitative procedures to make you feel better about your mouth and oral care.


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