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The Folklore Of Doodh Talai

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In Udaipur, there is a charming little pond which is popularly known as, ‘Doodh Talai’, certain people refer to a bit varied spelling that goes, ‘Dudh Talai’. Mentioned below is the folklore, which gives a rather strange logic as to why this pond is called what it’s called.


A few centuries back, there was a king who desired for himself a pond that had no water but milk in it. He ordered the construction of a little pond in the center of Udaipur. Next, he commanded each family in Udaipur to pour one large pot of milk into the pond. The King wanted the sight of a white pond to be a surprise for himself. So, he asked everyone to pour the pot full of milk an hour before the sunrise kisses the earth. There was an understandable concern among the people as milk wasn’t affordable to everyone. For whom it was, the thought of throwing away healthy milk didn’t agree with everyone. When the auspicious night came, a few large pots of milk were poured down in the newly established pond by the royal household. Everyone did the same with the amount of milk they could spare. There was one wise man who thought to himself, “What if I, instead of milk, pour into the pond, a pot of water? No one will know! As one-pot water won’t influence a pond full of milk.” As it is widely known that ‘great minds think alike. It was a hilarious shock for the king to wake up to the water pond the next morning. Everyone started to call the pond “Doodh Talai” as a tease and the King had never felt such mockery.

On account of this unaccountable lore, whenever you next visit the tourist spot that is Doodh Talai, do excuse a minute for the king’s euphoric ambition. 

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Doodh Talai – Uniquely Defined Water Source

Being a travel freak and exploring historical places keeps your mind storming with the various thoughts all the time. And, when it’s about our Udaipur, the city never fails to astound endless magical history that is covered with the lakes and water sources that are present in and around the city. But what’s more interesting is the uniqueness of their names. Like, Fateh Sagar is named after Maharana Fateh Singh (Mewar dynasty) and Udaipur itself has got its name because of Maharana Udai Singh of Sisodia Clan of Rajput. Same in the series there is centrally located small water pond in the heart of the city, i.e. Doodh Talai (Dudh Talai).

Name and Origination:

doodh talai

Do you ever think that why it is called as Doodh Talai? People in Lake City have subjected many stories behind the name and origination of this water source. But, according to the old citizens, Doodh Talai (A small Milk pond) fulfilled the basic needs of cows that were present in government cow shelters (Raajakeey Goshalas) that carry through the requirement of milk in heritage kitchen. Later on, the dairy was shifted to Goverdhan Vilas area from where the animals were brought daily on grazing, drinking water, and for bathing purpose in Dudh Talai. Hence, it can be concluded that this unique, freshwater reservoir was primarily meant for the Royal concern.

Sites to Explore:

From the location viewpoint, Doodh Talai is located quite near the centre of the Udaipur. And, shares a common link road with another point Lake Pichola. Basically known for its compact and managed shape, it is surrounded by small hillocks that host:

  1. Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Park (Rock Garden or Musical Fountain Garden)
  2. Manikya Lal Verma Garden
  3. The Ropeway
  4. Lake Pichola
  5. Jungle Safari (3.5 km)

Because of scenic greenery, and different tourist attractions it is the famous spot in Udaipur to explore while travelling. One can also enjoy the fast food counters, camel and horse ride, and boat ride at the same location.

Manikya Lal Verma Garden

Manikya Lal Verma Garden

The Manikya Lal Verma Park (also known as Doodh Talai Garden), offers a glorious view of Lake Pichola and Doodh Talai. It was constructed in the year 1995 by Nagar Parishad (Municipal Council) Udaipur and was named after Manikya Lal Verma (Former Chief Minister of Rajasthan). There are stairs constructed to reach to the garden with the separate road for vehicles. And, on the top of it, Karni Mata Temple is located with the white stone idol of the goddess inside the zone.

Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Park

Pandit deen dayal Upadhyay park sunset point

Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Garden is another small park located on the adjacent point to Manikya Lal Verma Garden. It was developed by UIT (Urban Improvement Trust) Udaipur. The best part here is the Rajasthan’s first “Musical Fountain” manufactured by “Yagnik Mechanical Engineering Works”. Also, this park offers a sunset point, from where one can witness the sunset in the lap of Lake Pichola reflecting magnificent light.

The Ropeway (Mansapurna Karni Mata Ropeway)

Ropeway karni mata

There is a ropeway from the top of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Park, which follows the journey of tourists to the Karni Mata temple. The cabin car was developed by business person Kailash Khandelwal in collaboration with UIT. This ride is at the height of around 500 meters and runs over a fixed grip mono cable. It is the first ropeway of Rajasthan that offers a 4-minute ride that is adventurous and joyful to check out the aerial view. The ride gives a panoramic view of the city including Lake Pichola, captivating City Palace, Sajjangarh Fort, and other locations, from its cabin. In addition to the cost, the ticket is quite affordable around Rs.80/- per adult.

Lake Pichola

Lake Pichola Paal

Lake Pichola is the another attraction that can be witnessed by the crowd of tourists and holding the four islands within it (Jag Niwas, Mohan Mandir, Jag Mandir, and Arsi Villas) that represent the royal architecture of Mewar. One can enjoy the scenic view of all the locations by taking a sunset boat ride which costs around Rs.200/- per person. Also, one can also take camel and horse ride on the Lakeside (Paal) of Pichola during any time of the day to enhance the travel experience.

camel and horse ride

In addition to all these explorations, another site that an individual can visit is Jungle Safari which is at the distance of 3.5Km through the road going by the private jetty’s zone of Lake Pichola. Therefore, to cover the diverse locations at a single spot set a plan to know Dudh Talai more closely.

Lake pichola boat ride

To gather and feel the ravishing breeze of this water reservoir, experience the fascinating look by making your evening visit towards the destination.

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Dudh Talai – Deliberate Potency of Aestheticity

Doodh Talai and Lake Pichola

Dudh Talai is a dainty lake in Udaipur studded with enhancements of human pleasures. The lake beautifies the south-east part of Lake Pichola and has an affable view from the twinkling places like City Palace, Jag Mandir etc. The small inlet of this lake, contributes its water to the larger lake Pichola. This place is unique with the presence of conspicuous view of Shiv Niwas Palace on its southern side and is adorned by two parks which adds grace its shore. M.L Verma Garden and Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Park are showcase of modern architecture and allows one to stroll along its beauty. It is located at the coordinates: 24°34’8″N 73°41’9″E

Doodh Talai Udaipur

Manikya Lal Verma Garden :

The Manikya Lal Verma Garden or the Rock Garden, on a hillock near Dudh Talai is the best place to catch a spectacular landscape and is carved out of a rugged rock at an attractive eminence. There are curved stones inducted in the bottom of the garden and the small stream of water goes across through it. It was constructed in year 1995 by Nagar Parhisad (Municipal Council) Udaipur. The blue and white paint is unfortunate but adoption and use as ‘public open space’ is probably the best way of managing India’s brilliant heritage of stepwells. A peep from here gives a panoramic view of sediments of nature. The grandeur of this garden lies in its wall maintained smallness. The scene of dusk, which appears shuddering through the ripplets of the gloomy lake Pichola is astonishing. There are steps constructed to reach to the garden, as well as a separate road for vehicles.

Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Park :

At the same elevation of Maanikya Lala Varma Park there is another garden called Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Park. It was developed by Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) Udaipur. The lake is horizoned by masterpiece like Pichola Lake on west and the beautiful City Palace in the north and the rocky M L V Garden in east. These places together make a chain of ‘must visit’ tourist attraction of the city. It also has Rajasthan’s first “Musical Fountain” manufactured by “Yagnik Mechanical Engineering Works”. In this colored milieu fountains dance according to the tunes of music. On the other hand it is a sunset point, from where the sun sets in the lap of lake Pichola reflecting crepuscular light.

The Ropeway :

A ropeway to Karni Mata temple was constructed between tourist spot Deen Dayal Park, on the top of hill near lake Pichola and the Machhala Hill. Inside the temple there is a white stone idol of the goddess Karni Mata. It was built by the businessman Kailash Khandelwal in collaboration with UIT. It is a delightful ride of 500 meters over a fixed grip mono cable and is the first ropeway of Rajasthan. It is not just a 4 minute ride but a joyful adventure, the altitude bounded with scenery and the people bouncing in the air is so experiencing that one can just fall in short of words. It gives a breath-taking view of the city including Lake Pichola, magnificent City Palace complex, Sajjangarh Fort and many more, from its cabin. Being the major attraction the ropeway system has also developed the ease to visit the temple and other historical sites at Machhala Hill. The ticket costs Rs.69/- per adult.

To add more attractions for tourists, boat rides and camel rides are also introduced near the Dhudh Talai pond, by Udaipur Municipal Corporation.

Being a famous relaxing spot of the city it offers a serene and scenic environment with beautiful lake side drive and one can spend a very intimate quality time here.


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Let’s turn the City of Lakes into City of Gardens this Weekend – Weekend Hangout

Monsoon has already knocked our city; these soft breezes brushing our hairs, tiny rain drops that falls on our body and touches our soul; seems like everything around is tinted in green and blue. So what else, other than Lakes, could be a better option to hangout in this super awesome weather?? Well actually there can be one more happening weekend plan to celebrate this monsoon and get closer to nature.

Udaipur is the city of lakes; but it’s the City of Gardens too, with many picturesque lush green gardens ready to cast their spell on you with dew drops on leaves, soft wet grass and cool and pleasant air. These gardens, grown more charming in monsoon breeze and dampness, can be an excellent hangout option with family and friends. You will be amazed to find so many choices; in fact options even more than Lakes. You can choose any one out of many as per your choice or plan a whole day out exploring these green retreats.

Nehru Garden - By Ashwin jain
Nehru Garden – By Ashwin jain

Nehru Garden :-

Situated amidst Fatehsagar Lake, this island garden is truly an eye candy with its fountains and flower gardens. Though these fountains won’t soothe you by splashing water (for which I really thank our sleeping government officials), but with Fatehsagar all around it, you won’t be missing those splashes. Even the boat ride to the garden can be enjoyed when the only rides we enjoy now-a-days are bike or car ride on dusty roads.


Rajiv gandhi park - Gaurav bohra
Rajiv gandhi park – Gaurav bohra

Rajiv Gandhi Garden :-

This newly developed garden, located on Rani Road, is emerging as a new hot-spot in the city, particularly for couples in weekdays and families on weekends. Its different theme, the children park and the exotic views of city which it serves makes it a favorite weekend option for city dwellers.


Maharana pratap statue @ Moti Magri - Mujtaba R.G.
Maharana pratap statue @ Moti Magri – Mujtaba R.G.

Moti Magri :-

With a statue of brave Maharana Pratap riding his beloved horse Chetak, this age old garden overlooks Fatehsagar Lake. It has many gardens built in the memory of Maharana Pratap and other brave warriors of Mewar.


Sahelion ki Badi :-

Built with a different concept of providing a place where royal ladies can relax and rejoice, this garden is famous for its greenery, marble architecture and fountains. Its fountains (mind you, if they are working properly) are sure to drench you without rain. While in the garden, you will feel as if you are in a fairy-land and your feet won’t leave its lanes and lawns.


Gulab Bagh - Yash Sharma
Gulab Bagh – Yash Sharma

Gulab Bagh :-

Spread over an area of 100 acres, Gulab Bagh or Sajjan Niwas Garden is the biggest of all gardens in Udaipur. It has a zoo, a museum and a public library along with many beautiful gardens, the greenery of which is well maintained by the authority. It is ever blooming with people of various ages even on weekdays, especially in the morning and evening hours.


Doodh Talai - By Deepankshi Chittora
Doodh Talai – By Deepankshi Chittora

Doodh Talai :-

DT offers many gardens and places to hangout like Deen Dayal Upadhya Park, Manikya Lal Verma Park, Ropeway to Karni Mata, Pichola, Jungle Safari and many more.

Adding to the list of the gardens, there are many more like Sanjay Gandhi Garden, Nehru Bal Udhyan, Sukhadia Memorial Park and Sukhadia Circle.

So what are you waiting for Udaipies?? Just pack your picnic bags, put on a bright and colorful tees, take an umbrella or a raincoat, start your vehicle and off you go for a rocking and happening weekend…!! Oooppss!! Turn back, turn back; you forgot your camera that will capture the best smiles of the day…. 🙂


Happy Weekend and Happy Monsoon…!! 🙂

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Hangout Plan for the Weekend: Doodh Talai

Be it a school going child or a working man or woman, a college student or a housewife, everyone desperately waits for the upcoming Sunday, from the parting Sunday night itself. Weekend is the time to refresh yourself from a long tiring week and fill yourself up with new energy for a new working week; 2 days to hang out with friends, plan an outing with family and sensationalize your taste buds with delicious cuisines.

Hmmm I know, you must have already started thinking of a weekend plan in its greatest pace but this boiling heat would have put a brake on every plan of yours. But but but “When UB is here, there is nothing to fear”. These 3 years of my college life has made me a graduate in making hang out plans be it summers, winters or monsoon. So we’ll be helping you out for few upcoming weekends with ‘hang out plans’, recipes of some appetizing dishes, and restaurants in the city where to dine with your friends and family, and lots more.

This weekend let’s plan an outing at “Doodh Talai”, popularly named as DT among youngsters. It is at the Pal of Lake Pichola that will soothe you with its calm waters. It’s the place of beautiful gardens, the lush greenery of which will keep you cool despite the rising mercury outside. Be it a hangout plan with your friends, or to spend time with your family, there’s the perfect location and the perfect plan.

You can spend your afternoon in the various gardens of DT like DD Park or Deen Dayal Park and Manikya Lal Verma Park. Put a Reverse Gear in your age and start playing all those games you used to play in your childhood like Pakdam Pakdai, Hide and Seek, Vish Amrit, Nadi Pahad, and many more. You can even play Cards or any board games like Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, Business, Monopoly or the best of all times Antakshari. And I can bet there won’t be a pinch of stress left inside your mind after playing these games. There is also a Love Garden made especially for the love birds in the city but let me warn you – It’s Sunday, a family day. So if you are planning for Love Garden then just plan it on a weekday. 😉

Next in line to visit is Karni Mata Temple by Ropeway. You are sure to enjoy this Ropeway Ride. You can even enjoy over snacks in the Restaurant made over the hilltop. On returning back, you can sip your evening Tea, ek kadak adarak wali chai, at the Pal of Lake Pichola. As the sun sets down behind the scene, you can enjoy Jungle Safari Ride or a Boat Ride in Lake Pichola, capturing the panoramic view of sunset in the Lake.

Doodh Talai | UdaipurBlog
Pichola-Doodh Talai | View from Karni Mata | Image Credits: Deepankshi Chittora

There is also a Musical Fountain Show that plays in DD Park after sunset. You can breathe the scent of water and feel the splashes on your face while tapping your feet and watching the streams of water going up and down and changing its color on the beats of music.

At the end of the day, you can enjoy dinner in your favorite restaurant (PS: If you don’t have a fixed/favourite, There are too many of them nearby), chatting and laughing over the table. Your favorite ice cream scoop will make a perfect ending of a perfect weekend. Take as many photos as you can while posing wildly and stupidly at the camera. Months later, these snaps will help you recollect those golden moments.

Now there will be no more Monday Blues, but only an energetic start of a new week. Wishing you a Happy Sunday and a Happy Week ahead. 🙂