Doctor’s Day Special – Excerpts from the life of a Doctor

Happy Doctor's Day
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It’s 1st July – it’s Doctor’s Day, a day dedicated to doctors in the honor of great Indian Physician Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy as this day was his birthday. It’s a day to thank doctors for their services, a day to show them the importance they hold in our lives. On this occasion, we have collected some touching memories from the diary of a doctor; it sees a youngster growing into a respectable citizen, a complete trail of emotions and feelings attached with the life of a doctor. Read it and try to feel it.

“I am standing outside a big campus, my eyes enlightened with many new dreams and filled with immense pride as they read the words “Medical College and Hospital”. Yes, I am a medico now. My feelings-too much mixed; there is a ‘fear’ of new city, new friends, new life but I’m ‘happy’ too as I reap the fruit of 2 years of hard work; ‘excited’ to explore new folds with a sense of ‘responsibility’ towards mankind; I’m missing my classmates also who have failed to clear PMT this year.”

“Every time I wear a white lab coat and put a stethoscope around my neck, it fills me with a new vibrant energy and my heart swells with pride. But today, as I stepped inside the Hospital for my first Clinical Postings, I felt the real meaning of a doctor. I realized that from now on each day I’ll come across people suffering with pain, each day I’ll have to fill many eyes with tears as I tell them the disease they or their relatives are suffering from, each day I’ll be in war with many diseases. I shuddered at the thought. But as I got acquainted with my field, I got to know why people say that ‘Doctors are God on Earth’; it’s the only field where one can directly serve the sick and needy and I’m proud of my profession.”

“Today we were taken to Labor Room; the room was filled with the cries of a lady who was waiting to hear the cries of her first baby. Amidst those painful cries, that could leave almost anyone weeping, doctors were so alert and quick in their every step and decision; they were deaf to those cries but the moment baby cried, the smile that spread over their faces was worth the efforts it took; the satisfaction and happiness of bringing a new life in this world was simply priceless.”

Operation Theatre – even the name fills mind with dreadful thoughts and the body goes numb. It was during my posting in Surgery Department that I realized what a Surgeon goes through during his practice. Long hours in OT when you have to be completely focused, where one small mistake can kill a precious life, emergency night calls, complicated cases that have to be dealt with complete perfection; but when patient thanks you and leaves your chamber smiling, no fees can compete with the satisfaction that smile can give you.”

“Today we got our farewell and during the function, past four and half years of my M.B.B.S. flashed in front of my eyes. I was overwhelmed with emotions as I recalled the best ever days of my college life; those lectures and our bunks, endless fights with friends aur wo masti bhare moments, yuck food in mess and meri hostel wali Maggie, movies till 4 in the morning, and the night before exam, and most of all I’ll be missing the carefree and tension free life as the life from here is going to be more tougher.”

“Damn!! I didn’t get selected in any of the PG exam. :’( A one year loss matters a lot as it already takes 10 long years to be a Doctor. I’ll have to put in extra efforts this time so that I can get a good branch in PG.” “Yipppieee!! Finally I have cracked my PG Entrance and got my favorite branch – Paediatrics 🙂 ”

“We are preparing for tomorrow’s practical of PG final year. We all are hell nervous because we have heard that the external is a miser in giving marks but my roommate is crying. Tomorrow is her sister’s marriage and she is stuck here with exams and books. We all tried to make her happy by organizing a mini-sangeet in our room. A couple of year back we were strangers, but now we are a family; this is the irony of our profession – it gives us many new relations by keeping us away from our blood relations.”

“I’m sitting in my chamber; it’s my first day in Hospital as a Doctor. The corridor outside my room is bustling, a bit with the cries of children and more with the shouts of their parents growing restless in the queue. And then tongues won’t stop complaining that now-a-days doctors don’t give enough time per patient during checkup. God!!  How can I attend my patients with these sounds ringing in my ears?”

“Today I entered the third decade of my life and I celebrated this birthday with some old friends. While chatting about our lives and jobs, I realized I’m just at a starting level while my classmates have already got promoted 2 times and some even 3 times. My present salary stands nowhere in front of their several lakhs plus incentives. No, I am not greedy and I don’t expect an increase in my salary, but am I wrong if I wish that people stop saying “Ye doctors khoob maal kamate hain”.”

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Did you notice in these excerpts that a medical student never ever thinks of a good salary, perks and all; he just wants to serve the society and the nation. But as responsibilities falls over his shoulder and one has to face the realities of life, he needs money in hand to support himself and his family. What’s wrong if a doctor takes 100 Rs per patient after 10 years of struggle and hard work? You call doctors ‘God’ but they are mere humans; when our leaders can gulp down crores of public money, why can’t we charge a fees worth our efforts and act a bit selfish? I don’t deny that there are some doctors who have sold the serenity of this noble profession for few green and red notes. But what is the point in blaming thousand honest doctors because of few culprits??

I humbly request everyone on behalf of all doctors and medical students to once think calmly and with open minds on both sides of this coin and you yourself will know the truth. If ever in your lifetime a doctor cured your illness then today, give your 1 billion dollar smile to us that shows your trust in us, because that smile will be the best greetings for Doctor’s Day which will motivate us for even better services.

Happy Doctor’s Day to every medico… 🙂 Today let’s say these lines, not to the world but to ourselves, and keep repeating it every day. “The responsibility to take care of the health of mankind is on my shoulders and I’ll always serve under this responsibility with full dedication and honesty.” Be proud of ourselves and our profession. \m/