Dussehra-Diwali Fest : What’s Good & Whats Bad in it !!

The City of Lakes is known for its exotic beauty and taste of culture. And Udaipurites have a great enthusiasm for different occasions and festivals and are active planners and participants for organizing different programs at any level. So in Udaipur, there is custom or simply a culture of organizing fests on every one or the other occasions.

Following the same fashion, every year in the time span of Dussehra to Diwali a special fest known as the “Dussehra- Diwali Mela” is coordinated at Town Hall, Udaipur for making the festival season more delightful and colorful for the citizens of Udaipur.

People from all the areas of the city along with nearby areas and bags of tourists with great zeal come to visit and enjoy the charm and awesomeness of the fare.

The fest being organized at such a great level has its own goods and bads.

Beginning with the arrangements, the overall condition of the fest is grooming every year with new and better facilities in it. After that too, some changes are still mandatory for the betterment of the fair.

  • Firstly, discussing about the water serving facility; this has been improved a lot from the past few years as before there were no such arrangements made for the convenience of the hoi polloi. The good part is water supply tanks have been provided in almost every area of the fair. But the bad part is that these tanks are continuously leaking water and are not being well maintained as a result of which the surroundings of these tankers have become dirty and full of mud.  Thus, there is no maintenance regarding water savage and sanitation of the fair campus.

Leaking Water tank

  • Apart from this, at other places too which are far from water containers, puddles of mud can be seen making the place dirtier and crummy. Due to this, people have a lot of problem in roaming. Everyone has to be careful and step ahead so as to save themselves from stepping down in the slush. Eventually, this has become the biggest and the worst problem which people are facing in the fete.

water puddle

  • The best thing about the fete is its security management. A police force has been set up for the security and proper management of the fest as well known celebrities are called up for their performances specially for this fete and also for the safety of Udaipurites. So to keep everyone in mind, fest has been highly secured.
  • As it is a fest, so to have a swing section for kids is natural and a must. All the arrangements regarding this part have been done well as always. But this section is being messed up by the people only as they throw tickets here and there and make the place dungy and thus make a bad impression for everyone else.

tickets thrown away

  • To add on, to maximize the elegance of the fiesta, water fountains have been embarked along with awesome preparations of lights. But again the sad part is during the period of fest these fountains are kept well maintained but rest of the year they are not even looked upon. These fountains should be regularly cleansed and made into work so that at the time of this season they don’t have to be sanitized every year and work only for the fest time.

Well, these are some of the issues to keep an eye on and the one’s having the negative side should be mended for the amelioration of the fest and the city to increase the craze of every individual for this fair and for enhancing the charm of tourists to visit our city at this time point of time.

I may have forgotten some of the points to add. So, now I want something from the Udaipurites to convey. Replies would be awaited gladly. Up till then, adios.  🙂