Making Someone’s Diwali a Special Diwali

Divine Heart Society

There is a saying in Hindi:

Sukh Bat-ne se Badh-ta hai aur Dukh Batne se Ghat-ta hai

We all celebrated Diwali with our family and friends and busted crackers and enjoyed a lot but what about those who either don’t have a family or those whose family have left them…

Divine Heart Society took an initiative to make this Diwali a special one for a few of them by spending time with them and distributing among them sweets and fruits.

A few members of DHS went to Asha Dham Ashram,MullaTalai , which serves those aged and mentally unstable people who either have no one to take their care of, or are left by their children. We went there at about 3 pm on the 5th November 2010 and stayed there till about 6 pm. We distributed sweets and fruits among them and also talked to them and tried on our part to make them feel better and needed and tried to make this Diwali their Special Diwali. We at DHS had also gathered some old clothes donated to us by our DHS members, those clothes which were in good condition were also given to them.

Our DHS members who went there were Jujar Ali Bohra(President, DHS), Muslim Sabunwala(Treasury, DHS), Heena Pathik, Anant Jain, Mehul Jain, Mayank Seth, Abhishek Bansal.

We at DHS heartily thank Asha Dham Ashram for giving us a chance to perform such a noble act. We also thank the DHS members who went to Asha Dham Ashram for their timely support and cooperation and for giving their precious time even on the Festive day. We also thank all our members who supported us with their service in cash, clothes and kind.

Divine Heart Society

DHS President’s message:

We hope to repeat these kinds of events in future and for this we request the people of our city to kindly support us in large numbers specially the youngsters.

Guys and Gals of India, it’s time to be a hero… because yes “Together we Can create miracles

Divine Heart Society, Dedicated through Heart towards Society

Article by :-

Ali Asgar Kanchwala (DHS Media Coordinator)

With Support of Jujar Ali Bohra (DHS Founder and President)