Udaipur News Tid Bits – Week #4

Sun Soaring High , Questions Raise on 907 Million Ayad River Development Project, Management Guru Shared Knowledge and Experience, Disturbances Caused By Fire at Gulab Bagh Zoo

#1 Sun Soaring High

Scorching heat is impacting lives in Udaipur from past one week. People are facing strong blow of extremely hot winds; generally termed as Lu. The temperature is soaring new heights at it touched 44 degrees mark in one of the regions of Udaipur. Dabok has been recorded a maximum temperature of 41 degrees and minimum 23.8 degrees. The heat may accelerate according to the weather forecast. The low pressure area may lead to cloudy conditions in a couple of days and drizzle and high winds are expected. Changing altitude winds are expected to bring relief from the scorching heat.


#2 Questions Raise on 907 Million Ayad River Development Project

The responsible officials of the Government have raised big questions on 907 Million Ayad River Development Project. The conclusion came out during the government officials meeting with the City Collector Mr. Vikas Bhale. They said that the Ayad River is not famous as Ganges or Yamuna. It would be very difficult to get the project approved worth Rs 907 million from the centre government. The initial DPR prepared by WAPCOS seems all the way impractical. They said that it should be made only on the basis of criteria eligible for approval.

An initial report has been prepared and the interim report would be ready by the end of month and after that the final DPR would be made. After the final DPR it would not be an easy task to get the project approved, it would involve several endeavors to get it finalized. If it would have been a national river then might be easier to work for its conservation.


#3 Management Guru Shared Knowledge and Experience

The famous Management Guru Mr. N. Raghuraman visited Udaipur on 08th May 2013. He was key speaker in a motivational seminar ‘How to Turn Average Life into Extraordinary Life’ that was organized in Udaipur. In the seminar Mr. Raghuraman said that we should encourage even small things in life, as it pay back in future. If we are good to others same would be others for us.

He shared some extraordinary example to enlighten our lives in very direct and simple language. He quoted several live examples who gained success and it was not easy and they had to struggle hard to achieve it. Mr. Raghuraman shared several tips which can change really everyone’s live:

  • Nothing is impossible – Never give up, nothing is impossible in this world.

  • Do not imagine and misinterpret – Do thorough research and accordingly reach to a decision.

  • Talent does not stop – Identify your talent and start working on it.

  • Give your best – Spend required time for your office and home.

  • Stay Focused – Keep focused on work you are doing.

  • Story of Successful People – He also shared several success stories of great personalities of the world.


#4 Disturbances Caused By Fire at Gulab Bagh Zoo

Fire stirred in the Gulab Bagh Zoo campus on Thursday afternoon. The accident occurred on the right side of the entrance of the zoo. Seven fire brigades struggled to overcome the dazing flames. The employees have reported that dry grass and leaves had increased which evoked the fire and before the fire brigade had reached it had spread over the top of the bamboo plants. The officials have estimated that burning large piles of dried leaves or someone thrown a lit cigarette had caused the disaster. It took almost four and a half hours to settle down the fire.