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47 District Collectors of Udaipur in the last 74 Years

Did you know, in these 74 years, there has been only one female District Collector of Udaipur till date?

In India, the post of District Collector was created by Warren Hastings in the year 1772. Since then the role has been an essential part of Indian administration. But did you know, that a total of 47 collectors have served the city of lakes since 1948? Before diving into another glorious history of this majestic city, let us know about the role of a District Collector (DC).

A District Collector (DC) is the principal representative of the administration, functions in close cooperation with the superintendent of police to maintain law and order in the district and serves as the principal revenue officer.

In 1948, when Rajasthan was still Rajputana, Shri Moinuddin became the first District Collector of Udaipur. Rajasthan was formally instituted as a state on 30 March 1949 after the British state of Rajputana was merged into the Dominion of India. Since after Shri Moinuddin, there have been a total of 47 collectors of Udaipur who have served the city at their administrative best.

Well, among all, Dr. VS Singh has served for the shortest period as an administrative head of Udaipur. He took charge on 18 October 1989 and served for 72 days. And on the contrary, RR Jain served for the longest tenure of 1,173 days. He started his tenure in the collectorate on 21 October 1967 and served till 6 January 1971.

Udaipur has been served by 2 Collectors in one calendar year thrice in the last 74 years. Mohanlal Agarwal and BN Tankha took charge as Collectors of Udaipur in 1949; Rama Kant Vyas and Ratan Singhi took office as Collectors of Udaipur in 1990; Kuldeep Ranka and Anand Kumar took charge as Collectors in 2008.

Among the last 25 Collectors of Udaipur, seven administrative heads of Udaipur, viz. Kuldeep Ranka, JP Singh, Vipin Sharma, Dr. Ashok Singhvi, Vinod Kapoor, Chetan Deora and Tara Chand Meena have been from the Rajasthan cadre. All of them have held the dual role of Collector and District Magistrate.

In the last 74 years, Udaipur has seen only one female District Collector and that is Ms Anandi, who became Collector and District Magistrate of Udaipur on 25 December 2018 and was in-charge till 4 July 2020.

Here is a list of 47 district collectors who have served Udaipur in 74 years
1 Moinuddin 1948
2 Mohan Lal Agarwal 1949
3 BN Tankha 1949
4 Khem Chand 1951
5 KR Himmat Singh 1952
6 Raj Kumar 1953
7 RN Hawa 1954
8 Shiv Shanker 1955
9 GBK Hooja 1958
10 PKB Kurup 1960
11 CL Kochar 1963
12 MS Sadasivan  1964
13 BC Mukerji 1965
14 KK Joshi 1966
15 RR Jain 1967
16 Vinaya Vyas 1971
17 Govind Ji Misra 1973
18 PN Bhandari 1974
19 Dr Adarsh Kishore 1976
20 BS Minhas 1979
21 JP Singh 1980
22 Dharam Veer 1983
23 PK Deb 1985
24 PC Jain 1987
25 Atul Kumar Garg 1988
26 Dr. VS Singh 1989
27 Rama Kant Vyas 1990
28 Ratan Singh Singhi 1990
29 Rakesh Srivastava  1992
30 Vipin Chandra Sharma 1993
31 Ashok Singhvi 1995
32 Shreemat Pandey 1997
33 Prem Singh Mehra 1999
34 Vinod Kapoor 2001
35 Abhay Kumar 2002
36 Shikhar Agarwal 2005
37 Alok 2007
38 Kuldeep Ranka 2008
39 Anand Kumar 2008
40 Hemant Kumar Gera 2010
41 Vikas SItaram Bhale 2012
42 Ashutosh Pednekar 2013
43 Rohit Gupta 2015
44 Bishnu Charan Mallick 2017
45 Ms Anandhi 2018
46 Chetan Ram Deora 2020
47 Tara Chand Meena 2022

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