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  • Having Fever..?? CAUTION – It Can be Dengue!

    Having Fever..?? CAUTION – It Can be Dengue!

    Understanding Dengue : Dengue!! The name itself scares us to death. Is this fear justified? Unfortunately to some extent yes. It manifests as simple fever but progress to hemorrhagic fever with shock which maybe lethal if not treated on time. The disease is transmitted by bite of Aedes mosquito and is caused by an Arbovirus. […]

  • Once Again FLU(s) Knock Our Udaipur

    Seems like the CLOUDS OF BAD DAYS are back for OUR BEAUTIFUL CITY. Feels a little strange no?? So what u think that can be?? Exactly, as the HEADING INDICATES it’s the RETURN OF FLU(s) (aka influenza). It’s a year back story, bloody swine better known as SWINE FLU (H1N1Virus) ruined thousands of lives all […]