CA Turned Baker of the Town – Garima Singhvi Babel (GB Temptations)

We all love desserts, don’t we? They are scrumptious and a delight to our cravings. But only a few know what all goes behind making those sweet savouries. Today we are in conversation with Garima Singhvi Babel. A qualified Chartered Accountant and director at a leading cooperative bank, Garima is the founder of GB Temptations, Udaipur’s first Baking and Cooking Studio.


What set her apart are her skills of cooking & baking desserts, chocolates, and a lot more stuff that a real foodie can’t resist. And, with GB Temptations – Baking and Cooking Studio, she has created a trademark of her name acronym by teaching fantastic skills to many people.

A conversation with her while sipping coffee with a yummy fruit cake made by her was incredibly overwhelming.


When the idea of Baking and Cooking Studio took shape and from where you got inspiration?

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“Baking and cooking have always been my passion since childhood. I was in 1st standard when I baked my first cake. The idea of starting up with GB Temptations surfaced after my marriage when my husband who himself is an entrepreneur by choice encouraged me to take this passion more seriously and that led to GB Temptations.

And, from there the official journey took shape, and it has been 3 years since I have been training people with the new dimensions of desserts, cakes, Biryani’s and basic household cooking.”


From where you have received your training and entire learning of Cooking and Baking?

“I have always been very passionate about the art of cooking and food, so I use to read a lot about it. The ingredients, the variety, the aroma, the presentation, all used to lure me towards it. Gradually I developed a very keen interest in cooking and started making things from a very early age. It was because of this obsession that I went to Mumbai, where I learned how to make different desserts.


How do you manage your life being as a professional, a wife, and a mother?

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“Well, I believe if you are passionate about something, things automatically get into place. And, that’s what I have always learned. So, being a professional, a wife, and a mother of my sweet little child has never been a restriction to my career. All you have to be is positive and dedicated.”


What’s your favourite ingredient that you play with most of the times?

“Chocolate and fresh fruits! They are my favourite, and I experiment with them more often.”


At GB Temptations, do you have any substitutions that are used for diabetic and Vegan people?

Yes, for people with diabetes; sugar-free cakes and desserts are available. And, Vegans don’t have to worry about eating or trying our specialties as desserts are completely eggless. Apart from this, fine and quality ingredients are used which provides a less calorific touch to our varieties.”


Are these courses costly to learn?

Not at all!! The courses are very reasonably priced.


Which dessert and delicacies that are special at GB Temptations?

specialties gb temptations

The unique version of my baking includes Gravity Defying Cakes, Lace work cakes, and 3-D Jelly Cakes and theme cakes which you may not find anywhere else in Udaipur. And, yes the Biryanis.


GB Temptations have got many reviews till date!! What are the most memorable ones?

“There are lot many great reviews till date and every student, client, and the dear ones have been special to us. So, we cannot single out any one.”


What are your plans regarding GB Temptations for future purpose?

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“In future, I am looking forward to set-up a dedicated Baking and Cooking Academy on a larger scale with certified courses for people who want to learn the intricacies of cooking and baking. The objective is to keep adding new things in this domain and share with people through my courses. Currently, I take orders for near and dear ones, but we might expand our order base in future.

This is what we call WHOA!! As an assuring benefit to people within their city is something many people avoid. But, we can say Garima, you are an inspiration.

Guys!! If you are like really obsessed with learning and honing the art and wanna be a cooking expert, then you can enquire about many things with first ever Baking and Cooking Studio in Udaipur.

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And, to connect directly, you can also call: +91-9829633051 or visit at GB Temptations, Saheli Nagar, Udaipur (Rajasthan).